Decorating Diva: Home decor ideas inspired by Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo Home Accents

5Sunburst mirror

Add a splash of sunshine to any room in the house with this ornate sun-spokes mirror from Anthropologie ($698). Made from reclaimed wood and carved into a sunburst, we love the look of this unique mirror. We suggest hanging it in the foyer or entrance hall as a warm welcome to anyone who comes to visit.

6Agave bowls

These gorgeous green handblown glass bowls from Crate & Barrel ($40 – $70) pressed into a striking folded shape are eye-catching enough to stand alone. We love the fresh shade of green, reminiscent of the Mexican agave plant.

7Traditional blankets

Sometimes guests get cold. Keep a few of these handcrafted traditional Mexican blankets on hand from Urban Outfitters ($29) to kill the chill. They’ll look great stacked on a painted stool in the kitchen or draped on the back of the couch to add some rich color to your space.

8Potted Yucca

Introducing greenery into your home is always a good decor option, but if you want something inspired by Mexico (like we do) opt for a potted yucca like this one from IKEA ($20) (you can also pick them up at most local greenhouses or plant stores). Easy to care for and striking to look at, they add tropical charm to any room.

Have fun celebrating all things Mexican and happy Cinco de Mayo!

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