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Beauty Finds: Pop Beauty Bare Texture

Is your makeup drawer like mine? A billion eye shadows stuck in the back? A zillion neutral shades that you desperately need but can never place? Pop Beauty to the rescue!

Pop Beauty Bare Texture eye shadow

You may know Pop because of their huge and inexpensive color collections. I still marvel at how many colors they manage to get into a kit and still keep it affordable. The one I’m loving right now is the new Pop Beauty Bare Texture kit.

Now, I know what most of you think of eye shadow collections. A couple of colors you like and a ton you’d never wear outside of a Mardi Gras party. Well, fear not. This box has 39… yes, you read that right… shades of shadow and 36 of them are neutral!

There are mattes and shimmers, dark and light colors, peaches, nudes, ballet pinks that actually look flattering on the skin instead of making you look like you haven’t slept in a week. I’ve had this set for a little while now and I’ve actually used every color. And the three brights? One is a pretty spring green and one is a very soft turquoise.

Pro tip: Put a little bit of a bright color on the tip of your index finger and gently touch it above your eyeliner in the very center of your lid. It’s subtle, but people can’t stop looking at your eyes.

The third bright is a deep sea blue that I’d buff into the corners of the eye on party nights.

Even better? The collection comes with a miniature Eye Magnet Primer and a dual ended brush you can actually use!

Use the liner side of the brush by dipping it in Visine and brushing it across a darker color. This will give you a long lasting eyeliner.

The best part? These shadows give great color, but they’re not so overly pigmented that you’ll have to sweep up a zillion fallen particles from under your eyes.

Pop Beauty Bare Texture is available at and retails for $28.

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