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Low-maintenance hairstyles

The busy mom doesn’t have the time to spend an hour in the mirror every morning getting ready, so a low-maintenance style is a must. With these hairstyles, you’ll look fabulous without the fuss.

Mom with bob haircut

Celeb mom hair

1Pixie cut

Short hair is trendy right now. If you dare, go super short with a pixie cut. Though you’ll have to get this hairstyle trimmed more often, the everyday maintenance is almost nil. Get textured layers on top, so you can wear it messy and love it.

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2Side braid

If you have long hair and want to keep it that way, try a braid instead of the usual ponytail. Make a low ponytail on one side of your neck and then braid it. Fortunately, this style doesn’t have to be perfect to look good.

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The bob requires very little maintenance, making it perfect for moms. Instead of an ultra short, highly stacked bob, consider a swingy bob that is chin length or slightly longer. Both blunt and sideswept bangs work well with a bob.

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4Loose waves

For hippie-chic moms, you can’t go wrong with long hair in loose waves. If you weren’t blessed with natural waves, don’t worry. Shower in the evening and braid your hair when it’s damp. Sleep in the braids overnight. When you take them out in the morning, you’ll have beautiful waves. The smaller and tighter the braids, the tighter the waves will be. To avoid getting frizzed out, put a little hair serum in your hand and run it over the braids before you sleep.

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If you are still unsure about how to wear your hair, the SheKnows Beauty & Style Experts have put together an amazing assortment of hairstyle ideas for every hair length, color, texture and lifestyle. Find the the best hairstyle for you here.

Expert Hair tips

Bring it Home Beauty offers professional hair and nail care right at home via their DVD set, $18. We caught up with their hair care experts who shared these helpful hair tips:

  1. Bring it Home Beauty DVD with hair tipsWhen you are cutting hair never use household, kitchen or sewing scissors, as they will bend the hair over rather then cut it where you need it. Hair cutting shears are sharper and cut hair more accurately. You’ll be happier while you cut and with the results!
  2. Begin your haircut by creating a guide. The guide is an established length that your will be cutting from to assure an even haircut.
  3. If you color your roots on a regular basis, don’t color all of your hair every time you do your roots. Having healthy hair always comes first.
  4. When blow-drying a section, always blow down the hair shaft. Never blow-dry up the hair toward the roots, as this may cause the hair to frizz and you won’t get that smooth look.
  5. Thermal active spray is a heat-activated protectant that seals and protects hair from the heat of the curling iron.

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