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Product review: Lash Lust by Noir Cosmetics

Ah, the search for the perfect mascara. Ladies, you know what it’s like. You buy one, you hate it, but you use it anyway. You find one you love, but someone comes along hawking the next best thing and you abandon it. Well, we’ve got one you’ll love.

Noir Cosmetics Lash Lush mascara

We’ve been on every side of this. We’ve bought them, abandoned them, and sold them for a living. And we”ll be honest with you. There are a zillion mascaras out there and though most are kind of blah and a few are tar in a bottle, we promise that there are gems.

We’ll be reviewing a number of them and bringing you the ones we love. We’ll also be clear about what type of lashes will benefit from them. Ladies blessed with long lashes won’t like the same ones as women with short ones. Sparse lashes require different things than full, but short ones. Mine are short and white blonde. Just lucky, I guess.

This week, we checked out Noir Cosmetics Lash Lush mascara. And boy, oh boy did we give it a work out.

I spent the week interviewing the cast of Fast Five in Brazil. I have never encountered water quite as salty as I did at Copacabana beach. Not only did the waves knock me over a number of times, but the salt had me rubbing my eyes non-stop. When I got out of the water, the mascara was still on my lashes. Now, please note, this is not billed as a waterproof mascara and I didn’t expect it to be anywhere above my cheeks.

I also sweat like crazy with it on. Rio de Janiero is so humid you could chew the air, and the lights for the interviews were hot, hot hot. I was throughly impressed with this one. Lash Lush is best for women with thin to medium lashes and it gives some pretty great volume. We’re not talking false lashes here, but for everyday wear, this mascara more than passed the test.

If you guys check it out, please let us know what you think below!

Noir Cosmetics Lash Lust is available at and sells for $17.

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