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Secrets of a great mom cave

To build a great mom cave, you have to put your selfless attitude and mothering tendencies behind you and allow yourself to think “me, me, me,” if only for a minute. If you’re not used to putting yourself first, use these secrets to make a mom cave worthy of someone as hard-working as you.

Welcome to the mom cave

1Stock up on your favorite guilty pleasures

Every busy mom has at least a couple guilty pleasures that she doesn’t feel comfortable indulging in when she’s around the kids or when other stuff needs to get done. The secret of a great mom cave is having these guilty pleasures easily accessible… and allowing yourself to actually spend some time enjoying them. So grab your favorite magazines, cue up the DVR to your favorite TV shows and write out a phone list of all the friends you just haven’t had time to catch up with. Your mom cave is a place where you shouldn’t feel guilty enjoying those guilty pleasures.

2Stock up on your favorite scents

Life is crazy. Life with kids and work is crazier. When your life seems to be closing in around you, you need your mom cave to be the place where you can truly chill out and put your worries behind you. Scents can invoke a number of powerful emotions, and stocking up on the fragrances that calm or energize you can help you achieve the mental state you desire while in your mom cave. Strategically place candles, incense or essential oils in your mom cave for easy access when you need them.

3Allow yourself to work

While some women will want a mom cave that enables them to escape every type of work, other women simply don’t enjoy sitting back and doing nothing. Don’t think of your mom cave as a “work free” zone; rather, think of it as a spot where you can work on your favorite projects or do those tasks that require uninterrupted concentration. For instance, if you enjoy writing in your journal or doing crafts, set up a spot in your mom cave to perform these tasks.

4Everything in its place

The rest of your house may look like a tornado went through it, but when you enter your mom cave you should enter the eye of the storm — completely calm and clutter-free. Invest in organizational tools like bookcases, a small desk with drawers and a storage ottoman to help you keep it clean. You get bonus points if you can convince your husband to clean the space for you each week.

5Don’t forget a lock

No mom cave is complete without a way to keep you free from interruption. If your cave has a door, make sure you invest in a lock or a “Do Not Disturb” sign to avoid the inevitable interruptions from your husband or children. If your mom cave doesn’t have a door, hang up curtains or install a room divider and close off your space when you’re inside.

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