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Make your own mom cave


Every woman deserves a special retreat where she can slip away and leave her worries (and children) behind. Even if you’re short on space, it doesn’t take much to carve out a spot and make your own mom cave — just follow these five tips.

1Woman in mom caveFind your sanctuary

A mom cave doesn’t have to be a large space, but it does have to be a space you can comfortably tell your family members to stay away from. For some women, this will simply be a corner of the living room or a spare closet, while other women will be able to use a spare bedroom. Whatever space you choose, you need to be able to separate yourself from other people when in your retreat. If your space doesn’t have a door, you’ll want to invest in room dividers or curtains to clearly delineate your space.

2Make it a retreat

You want your mom cave to be a zone where you can completely relax. For some women, this means setting up a comfy chair, candles and a bottle of good wine while other women will want a craft table and a plethora of supplies. You may even want your mom cave to have a DVR with your favorite guilty TV shows cued up and ready to watch. Whatever your pleasure, your mom cave needs to be outfitted in a way that will help you relax and leave the world behind you, even if just for an hour.

3Personalize your space

If your decorating scheme typically leans toward “kid-friendly” or “easy to clean,” rather than your personal style preferences, allow yourself to really enjoy decorating your mom cave. Paint the walls your favorite color, buy silk throw pillows and hang your favorite photos. When you walk into the space you want to say, “Ahhhh…,” and making the space yours will help you achieve this goal.

4Set ground rules

You need to talk to your family about the rules of the mom cave and the importance of respecting the rules. This is especially important if your mom cave is in a shared part of the home. For instance, you might not mind your family entering the room if the door or curtain is open, but when it’s closed, the space is off limits. If your mom cave is also a place where you complete projects and do work, you’ll also want to delineate exactly what your kids can or cannot touch. You wouldn’t want your children using the beads for an art project that you were planning on making jewelry with.

5Prepare for company

Think about a man cave for a minute — they’re typically a space large enough for several men to get together and watch sports, drink beer and play poker. A mom cave needs to be able to have a similarly social atmosphere. When your mom, sister or friend comes over, you should be able to retreat together to your mom cave and spend some time chatting alone. Prepare for company by including an extra chair or ottoman in your space and having supplies for several women to share tea, coffee or wine together.

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