10 Fun tips to green your kids

Girl in National Park

6Conserve water with your kids

Saving water at home is another easy way your kids can be more eco-friendly. You can even make saving water a “family mission.” Tell the kids their roles are to not let faucets run when brushing teeth and to take shorter showers, while your role is to only run the dishwasher and clothes washers when full. Making it a family affair – or game – will keep the little ones interested in being green.

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7Encourage your children to be charitable

Children are innately self-centered, but you can help them become more concerned for the earth – start with wildlife or the local animal shelter since kids have an affinity for animals – and help them develop eco-conscious values. Whether it’s volunteering their time or donating their blankets to the local cat rescue, the more your kids get involved with eco-friendly causes, the more likely they will become committed to being green.

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8Plan family vacations that help your children learn about the earth

Kid-friendly vacations are often the most focused on nature. Given the choice, your kids would likely rather visit national parks and beaches, take camping trips, and bike across country than visit another art museum. Immersing your family in the great outdoors is the perfect opportunity to connect your kids to nature that isn’t in your own backyard. It gives them a bigger picture – and appreciation – of the many natural wonders planet Earth has to offer.

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9Make every day a nature day for your family

Incorporate outdoor activities into your family’s daily routine, even if it’s just to explore your front yard or the local park for insects, animals and plants or to find nests and bird-watch. Reinforce your children’s outdoor experience by having them write nature stories or keep a nature journal. If the weather is too unpleasant to go outside, tune in to National Geographic or check out the eco-friendly movies and books at your local library.

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10DIY nature décor with your kids

Bring nature indoors by doing crafts that include earth elements. For example, collect sea shells, rocks, bird feathers, and driftwood on a beach walk, then let your kids fill a clear vase with their coastal treasures. You can also help them glue baby pinecones to a plain picture frame. Earthy décor in your home can be a beautiful daily reminder to your family of the beauty and value of nature.

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