Favorite time-saving tips

The SheKnows experts have compiled these essential time-saving tips to help you in every area of your life, from laundry to beauty.

Time saving cleaning tips

Time-saving cleaning tips

1Keep a caddy stocked with cleaning products

Stock up on all cleaning supplies you need and keep them in a convenient caddy. You’ll never have to run around look for sponges, rags, cleanser and other products.

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2Deodorize your disposal with citrus

Every time you eat an orange or lemon, throw the peels in the garbage disposal with a scoopful of ice. This will freshen and deodorize the drain, getting rid of funky odors.

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3Spray your shower daily

Don’t let dirt, mildew and soap scum build up in your shower and tub — use a shower spray every day. Just a few seconds of spraying after every use, and you’ll never have to spend hours scrubbing the shower again.

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Time-saving cooking tips

1Grocery shop on a schedule.

Designate a day or two each week for grocery shopping. Make a list throughout the week and then shop only on that day. The fewer times you go to the market, the more time and money you’ll save.

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2Pre-cut and freeze veggies

Cut down on your preparation time by pre-cutting, freezing and storing fresh fruits and vegetables. Next time you need to make something, just throw the pre-cut items in a pot or pan.

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3Cook ahead in batches

Double, triple or quadruple any recipes that will keep in the freezer. By cooking ahead, you’ll save time and money because you can buy ingredients in bulk.

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4Think outside the box

Many grocery stores sell frozen, pre-cooked rice. It can be even faster to prepare than instant rice from a box, and it’s much tastier.

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Time-saving laundry tips

1Prep your kids’ outfits as you do laundry

Fold clothes in packs, with each pack consisting of a top, pants, underwear and socks. This will save time when the kids get ready in the morning.

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2Wash a load of laundry every night

If you don’t want to spend all day Saturday dealing with piles and piles of laundry, do one load of laundry every evening instead.

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3Set up laundry room bins

Place color-coded, decorated bins in your laundry room for each person in your household. When clothes come out of the dryer, quickly sort them into each bin. Then, each person can carry her bin to her room and put her own clothes away.

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