Spring re-decorating: Eco-conscious style

Eco-friendly home design

Colors, materials and fabrics

Q: What colors will be big this spring?

There’s crisp apple greens, concord grape, strawberry pinks — and honeysuckle is a big one. We’re seeing pops of colors in those tones, but we’re also seeing neutrals as well, such as taupe tans in a washed look.

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Q: When choosing environmentally friendly paint options, what types or brands of paint do you recommend?

Most paint companies offer low VOC paint, and I would recommend that. You can also find wallpapers that are eco-friendly; like Phillip Jeffries.

Q: What materials are going to be big players for the spring?

Raw, rugged and natural-looking wood. You can find a good example of this if you open up a Restoration Hardware catalog right now. You’ll also be seeing a lot of sea glass and reeds in area rugs and accent pieces.

Q: As far as flooring and basic furniture, what is the best route for staying eco-conscious?

You should also always try to buy local because it cuts down on shipping and gas — the more local, the better. Look for natural fibers like wool and cotton, especially organic cotton. And look for products that use less water in their production. Bamboo is another great example of an eco-friendly material.

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Eco-friendly products

Q: What stores or organizations would you recommend for finding eco-friendly products?

Habitat for Humanity has a recycling program, so you can get things like doors and cabinetry, and they’re coming from a nonprofit organization. You can also now get products that are filled with recycled wood products in the core, with a gloss on top.

Q: What do you look for to make sure you’re buying eco-friendly products?

For furniture, look for FSC certified — then you know they’re using eco-friendly wood.

Q: What are some of your favorite new products that are on the market?

Well, my linen line with Jennifer Adams Home is my absolute favorite thing on the market! The fabric is made from recycled material, is super-soft and it dries a lot faster than most other sheets, so it’s easeir on the environment [because you don’t have to run your dryer as long] — and on your electric bill.

A few other things that I really love right now are the Eco Lounger at Pottery Barn Teen, decorative cork boards, ceramic memo boards, and the braided hemp area rug by Restoration Hardware.

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