Spring re-decorating: Eco-conscious style

With spring cleaning always comes a bout of spring re-decorating. This year, while you’re busy picking out fresh patterns and paint colors, something to think about is how to mix style in with an eco-conscious design attitude. To get a better handle on ways you can re-green your home, we spoke to Jennifer Adams, designer and recurring design guest on Better TV and HGTV. 

Jennifer Adams

Making eco-friendly changes

Q: What are your tips for people who want to make some eco-friendly design changes this year?

A couple of thoughts are pillows on sofas and chairs. Instead of getting all new pillows, recover the inserts — use old sheets to make new covers for your sofa.

How can you make your home more eco-friendly using things you already own?

Use old vases as water or sangria jars and use big pieces of fruit as the stopper at the top. Use the cork from wine bottles as a placeholder for tables. Look for things to repurpose.

Q: What types of things should people throw out in order to re-design and prepare for the Spring months?

Vacumnn drapes and dust your blinds – it’s amazing how much dirt and dust gets in there. Use olive oil on your furniture to polish it. Throw out old pillows, especially if you’ve had them for a few years because there’s probably lots of dust mites and gross stuff in there. Also, get rid of scented candles – those candles usually have musty fall like scents. Change to the whites, ivories and creams.

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Q: What about switching bed linens? How do you go about picking the right material for the spring and Summer months?

I would love to say that you should switch every season, but I don’t think that’s actually necessary. Buy pillow protectors and a mattress protector and look for wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Making sure you have washable items that are low-maintenance is key.

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