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Eco-friendly Easter ideas

To honor both the Easter Bunny and Mother Nature, you can go green with your Easter celebration this year. From environmentally-friendly ideas for egg hunts to Easter baskets that keep on giving, scoop up these eco-friendly Easter ideas for your celebration this holiday.

Easter decoration

5 Eco-friendly Easter ideas

1Hop to environmentally-friendly ideas for Easter baskets

Processed wicker baskets make for a pretty presentation, but isn’t very good for the environment. Scoop up handmade wooden baskets, give old baskets a new coat of paint, or sew fabric baskets that can be used for years to come. You can even opt for containers that can serve up Easter goodies and then provide other uses year round, such as a sand pail or fabric storage basket, to get more mileage from your Easter basket.

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2Fill with eco-friendly Easter basket grass

Shred colorful paper headed for the recycle box for a festive, green alternative to traditional plastic Easter basket grass. You can also line your baskets with gifts that follow a theme, such as rolled-up washcloths for a newborn Easter basket or vibrant socks for your little princess. Or, fill with real grass and marvel in the results!

3Indulge in organic Easter candy

Easter wouldn’t be the same without chocolate, so treat your family with organic chocolate bunnies, truffles, and other sweet treats from companies such as Compartes Chocolatier. “Here at Compartes Chocolatier, we believe that using organic ingredients is always the way to go,” says Jonathan Grahm, Compartes Chocolatier. “We make our chocolates using organic chocolate, cream, butter and fresh fruits and spices from the local farmers markets; and some that we even grow on our patio out front!” Vegan jelly beans and Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks make yummy Easter basket surprises as well.

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4Go green with Easter basket wraps

Environmentally-friendly ideas for Easter basket wraps will make cellophane of years past lose its luster. Wrap Easter baskets and presents with reusable blankets, t-shirts that double as a gift, or colorful Easter ads ready for recycling.

5Discover Easter ideas for eco-friendly egg hunts

Even the White House is making the annual Easter Egg Roll more green this year, going with eggs and packaging designed to minimize environmental impact and waste. You can also hide colorful polished stones, knitted eggs, or felted eggs that can be used year after year.

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More earth-conscious ways to celebrate Easter

Take your green Easter efforts beyond the basket and serve up an organic Easter dinner. Or, celebrate Easter outdoors by planting an Easter garden with your family and starting a compost bin with your Easter dinner leftovers. You can also adopt a bunny in honor of Easter, which can provide great organic fertilizer for your new garden.

Even if you don’t use environmentally friendly ideas for every aspect of your Easter celebration, even the smallest eco-friendly Easter ideas can make a big difference. You can make a few green changes each year, like starting with an eco-friendly Easter basket, and work your way up to an Easter celebration that the bunny himself would be proud of!

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