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Energy-efficient appliances

Being more energy-efficient isn’t just a trend now, it’s a serious cause for many people looking to save money and lead a more environmentally sound lifestyle. With this heightened awareness about ways to save energy, ta host of new gadgets are on the market that are designed to do just that – find small ways to save your home from guzzling unneeded power.

1Energy Efficient Electric Room Air Conditioner Energy Efficient Electric Room Air Conditioner

For those of us without central air (one day!), window cooling units can use an astounding amount of energy – especially if you live in a region where the temperature is hot and humid. But with GE’s focus on EnergyStar appliances, it makes sense to spend a few hundred dollars more and opt for a more energy-efficient window cooling system. The Volt electric room air conditioner does this with multiple settings for the fan function that require less energy and by offering a sleep setting that automatically raises the room temperature at night, to adjust for the lowered outside temperature.

2Solar Powered Security Camera Solar-Powered Security Camera

This solar-powered security camera allows you to monitor your home in an eco-friendly fashion. By using solar panels, the camera charges during the daytime hours and runs through the night. The best part is that it is easy to set up and has no wires, making it completely energy self-sufficient.

3Eco Showerdrop Shower Meter

Eco Showerdrop Shower Meter

This shower meter is design-savvy enough to fit right into your shower without looking out of place. It measures your water usage, going by the standard recommendation of 35 liters (9 gallons) of water for a single shower. Once it’s measured the 35 liters of water used, it will beep at you, helping families stay cut down water use.

4Gota Dishwasher

The Gota dishwasher is a surprisingly compact and useful appliance – especial

Gota Dishwasher

ly if you’re home doesn’t have a built-in dishwasher. The device is tiny compared to a full-size dishwasher cuts water usage and electricity in half by steaming dishes in the pre-wash phase, then using the same vapors to wash in the last stage of washing.

These energy-efficient appliances can cut down on your home’s energy use —  helping you save money while creating a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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