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5 Great green kitchen gadgets


With every other type of energy-saving green device on the market, it’s no surprise consumers can “go green” in their kitchens, too. Whether it’s cooking utensils made out of sustainable materials (like repurposed lumber) or energy-efficient stoves, there are many ways in which eco-conscious cookers can make their kitchen space more eco-friendly.

Green cooking

1iWave Cube

This tiny microwave takes up one cubic square foot and only uses 600 watts of electricity. Granted, it’s small, so it’s designed for like coffee and other little snacks, but it’s a great way to save space and energy if you aren’t the “nuking” type.

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2 6-Way Opener

Can your old bottle-opener, and pick up one of these multi-functional six-way openers from Crate and Barrel. Instead of purchasing multiple gadgets for each task, using a device like this one allows you to cut down on materials used, cut down on storage space and still have the functionality of six kitchen gadgets.

3Handheld Juicer

Electric juicers eat up energy, take up counter space — and using a handheld juicer isn’t really that much of a chore. This heavy-duty handheld juicer is easier to use than most other juicers and requires less hand strength, making food garnishes and even fresh juice a snap.

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4Bamboo cooking utensils

Bamboo is a great eco-friendly material, and it makes for excellent cooking utensils. These utensils also use an equally eco-friendly vegetable oil covering, so they’re easy on cookware and won’t scratch pots and pans.

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5Faucet Water Filter

It’s old news that bottled water is bad for our environment. By using an inexpensivesnap-on faucet filter (about $50), you can save money and the environment by nixing expensive bottled water.

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More ways to go green

How to clean more dishes with less.

How To Clean More Dishes With Less
Clean more dishes with less with Dawn Ultra. The solution is more concentrated meaning you will use few bottles per year. That’s plastic that stays out of your local landfill!

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