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2011 Spring colors

Decorating for spring just wouldn’t be the same without switching out dark colors and thick fabrics for more breezy linens and lighter, trendy colors. This year we’ve been told that the 2011 spring colors are all about bright, bold and fun shades that invoke playfulness and relaxation perfect for the warmer season. While the list of spring color trends is a bit more expansive than this, here are our favorite spring colors for 2011.


Soft tones like lavender are being used for walls and linens since their tone gives off a sense of crispness without being too overbearing. It’s a great color to use on an expansive space.

Pier 1 glass lamp

Silk lavender roses throw pillow cover

L’Occitcane lavender scented candle


The pinkish red tint of honeysuckle is being used everywhere this spring as an accent color. Large, splashy patterns with flowers showcasing this color are perfect when used on throw pillows, curtains and lamp shades.

Honeysuckle dancing orchid stem

Handmade ceramic flower vase

Cherry blossom throw pillow

Blue Curacao

If ever there were a spring color, it’d be blue curacao. This oceanic color exudes warmth and playfulness and is perfect for punches of accent colors. While this color could be used on a wall, it’s best kept at a minimum with an accent wall. It’s also great to use in a group of accessories, like a bevy of frames.

Blue multi photo picture frame

Blue curacao chair pad

Casual dinnerware, Garden Collection


Russet is the complimenting factor to balance out the other strong spring colors that are popping up this year. This brown color is a fantastic base for walls or bedding. Since it’s much more subdued than the others, it will provide an excellent canvas to allow the other accents to shine.

Gold and russet swirled box pillow

Lily slipper chair

Russet bath towel set


Beeswax is another fun color that could be used as both an accent or a base. Since the color isn’t too overwhelming, it can work really well as a wall accent. Its warm and comforting tones can also be a great color for a sofa or chair, or even for a decorative painted table.

Crate and Barrel beeswax yellow planters

Chinese lotus stems in yellow

Decorative throw pillow

While each of these colors is a great accent by itself, the best thing about these colors is that they all work well with each other and can be mixed and matched to find the perfect compliment to your springtime decor. Enjoy decorating with the 2011 spring colors!

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