4 IKEA hacks

Hacks are typically thought of in technology circles, but they are prevalent in the decor industry too. Since furniture hacking can take some practice to get it right, it’s a smart idea to make your first attempts on cheap furniture like IKEA’s. While not every piece of IKEA furniture can be hacked, many of them can be because of the simple, clean lines and basic color schemes. Here are four of our favorite furniture hacks from the popular website IKEA Hackers.

Ikea hacks

Fruit Shelf

This handy fruit shelf was designed to give more space in a small apartment in Germany. It utilizes an odd combination of a shelving frame and a four IKEA glass serving dishes.

Glass Vase Wall

While this isn’t necessarily a piece of hacked furniture, the idea is pretty genius. This hacker needed a way to enclose the open space of the bathroom in an Amsterdam loft, and in a stroke of genius, used a large quantity of IKEA Rektangel vases to create a slightly translucent glass wall.

Bamboo Framed Clock

This clock was combined with an IKEA Hultet bamboo dish to create a bamboo themed clock to match this hacker’s bathroom. By drilling holes in the back of the bamboo dish and attaching the back of the clock to the dish with wire and wooden dowels, they were able to attach the clock to the dish and still allow for easy access to the clock’s battery.

Dorothy Draper Chests

These chest of drawers took on a completely different look after a hacker in Vancouver decided to mimick authentic Dorothy Draper chests. After using iridescent gold paint, changing out the knobs and doing some stenciling, she ended up with a chest of drawers that look stunningly similar to the originals.

For more furniture hacking inspiration, check out the IKEA Hacks at www.ikeahackers.net.

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