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Entryway décor

The second people walk through your front door, they’ll begin to form their first impression of your home. That’s why you should put just as much thought and consideration into your entryway’s style and décor as you would for other rooms throughout your house. The space may be small, but that doesn’t mean that its design won’t have a huge impact on how others perceive your home.

Entryway decor

Here are a few décor tips designers suggest for ensuring that your entryway looks fabulous.

Experiment with colors for entryway decorExperiment with color

An easy, inexpensive way to change up your entryway’s décor is to paint one wall a different color or shade. Alison Daniel, designer and owner of Daniel Dry Goods, says, “Try a fun new color on the focal-point wall, the wall directly in sight when entering the door. For a fun pop of color without taking too much risk, go two shades darker on the same paint chip as the rest of your walls. The colors will flow without jarring the eye.”

Another color strategy Daniel recommends is to pick a fun color and use it in three distinct places within the entryway. “You’ll be surprised how much color you can add to a room by unifying with color,” she explains.

Use functional furniture in entrywayInvest in furniture that’s highly functional

Entryways generally don’t offer a great deal of room for furniture, so you’ll have to be strategic about the pieces you select for this area. Lauri Ward, a home design expert and author of Use What You Have Decorating, says, “The most useful piece of furniture in a foyer is a small chest that provides closed storage. It’s a great place to keep gloves, scarves, hats and dog leashes. If space allows for more furniture, have one or two chairs flanking the chest. It’s convenient for pulling boots on and off, setting down packages, as well as a place for an older person to sit down.”

Add a mirror to your entrywayAccessorize with a stylish mirror

“Use a pretty mirror to reflect any light coming into your entry,” suggests Daniel. “You and your guests will feel like the space has doubled. You can even pick one up at the local thrift store and paint over the existing finish with a bright, punchy and unexpected color.”

Functional decorOpt for décor that serves a purpose

According to Ward, “One of the best accessories for an entrance area is a large hinged box, something the size of a cigar humidor. It can be wood, leather or metal. Store dry cleaning receipts, theatre tickets, spare change and hubby’s wallet and keys inside, where they are hidden, yet easily accessible.”

Entryway lightingLet there be light

If you’re mystified about the type of lighting that’s most appropriate for your specific space, consider the advice of Mollie Chalk, an interior designer at Pineapple House in Atlanta. She says, “If you have a two-story ceiling, a tiered fixture or chandelier is more appropriate. For smaller entry areas with lower ceiling heights, stick with a flush or semi-flush mount fixture. Make sure the fixture you select coordinates with the other finishes throughout the home. For example, if you have oil-rubbed bronze doorknobs and plumbing, you probably won’t want to choose a polished chrome fixture.”

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