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10 Bright and budget-friendly bedroom decorating ideas

Your bedroom deserves to be treated with respect. Just because it’s not on display like the living and dining rooms or a hub of activity like the kitchen doesn’t mean that your sleeping space should go without style updates. We’re not suggesting you completely remodel or buy all-new furniture and accessories — but a few small updates can go a long way in revitalizing your space. We’ve put together some budget-friendly ideas for taking your bedroom from bland to brilliant.

Budget bedroom decor


Add an accent wall

Adding an accent wall is a great way to brighten up your bedroom on a budget. Choose a bold shade that complements the current wall color and paint one wall in the new hue. A barely-there shade of pink goes well with a rich shade of purple. Similarly, gray or off-white walls do well with a burgundy or plum accent. The new addition will create depth and make the room feel more alive.

2Decorate with wall decals

If you don’t want to repaint or spend money on art or mirrors you can easily jazz up your walls with decals. Choose a shape or design that matches your color scheme or look and feel of the room. You can go whimsical and wacky or feminine and floral – and the best part is, they’re not permanent. We love these decals depicting birds in flight from Blik ($35).

3Add a reading corner

Adding a simple reading corner can go a long way in updating your sleeping space. All you need to do is clear out one corner of the bedroom and add a comfy chair — re-cover something you find at a garage sale or move an unused chair into the bedroom, get a floor lamp — and if you have the room, a small end table for stacking your current must-reads.

4Freshen up with plants

If your bedroom gets an adequate amount of light, adding plants is a quick and easy way to refresh the space. If you don’t get enough light, think about fresh flowers as a way to bring a pop of eye-catching color into your bedroom.

5Change up the bedding

Even if you do nothing else to spice up your bedroom, a new comforter or duvet cover can make the room look brand-new. The trick is to go for something opposite of what you currently cuddle up under. If your comforter is floral, go for a solid color. If you’re using something neutral that just blends into the background, opt for something in a vivid, look-at-me hue.

6Create a mantel

A floating shelf above the bed or on an unadorned wall can easily be used as a makeshift mantel. Add tea lights or a large centrepiece to create a style statement. You can also add books and other decorative items as a way to further perk up the room.

6Accessorize with color

Many people keep their bedrooms neutral so the best way to add color is with accessories. Anything from vases and bookends to lamps and picture frames in various bright colors can take your bedroom from bland to beautifully bright in minutes.

8Play with paint

No, we don’t mean repaint the room (although this is another great way to refresh your space) — we’re referring to the furniture. A vanity table or nightstand can be completely transformed by a new coat of paint in a bright color. Choose a shade compatible with your color scheme and breathe new life into tired furniture. Your bedroom will benefit from the addition of a bold color, and furniture you forgot about will now look brand-new.

9Accent with affordable art

Buying art can be expensive but you can save money by getting creative. Remember all those wallpaper swatches you have buried in a box? Choose your favorite pattern or shade, pick up a dollar-store frame, cut the paper to size, frame and hang. The same can be done with unique pieces of wrapping paper you’ve saved or artwork created by your kids.

10Make a photo wall

Load up on affordable picture frames and get to work choosing family or vacation photos you love. Print them out, pop them into frames and arrange them creatively on a wall of your choice. There’s no better way to add charm to your space than with photos that leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.

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