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5 Online pet communities

When your real friends have grown weary of listening to your stories about Fido and Fluffy, it may be time to turn to an online pet community. As silly as it may seem, these pet communities provide pet owners with helpful resources while also providing an outlet to share as much or as little about your pet as you please.

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If you’re not quite ready to dive into a facebook-like pet community, you can opt for a starter-community like BarkleyAndPaws. Unlike other pet communities, BarkleyAndPaws offers a full helping of pet education with a side of community interaction. You can start out by reading articles written by board-certified veterinarians on health, nutrition, grooming and adoption, then opt to join the community, post pet pictures and create a blog about your favorite animal friend.



When you’re ready commit to an online pet community, consider signing up for a Petizens account. Petizens allows you to sign up in minutes by linking your facebook page to the Petizens website. Once you’ve created your account, you can quickly and easily create pages for your pets with pictures, videos and all your pet’s likes and dislikes. Petizens also allows you to make pages for pets that have passed away, giving pet owners suffering a loss the ability to share their memories while commemorating their pet in an understanding community environment.


When you visit PetPop, you have the opportunity to “go local” with your online pet community. After creating a profile for your pets, you can set up play dates with other pets in your local area and find local businesses that cater to pets. You can even set up pet sitting with other community members on an exchange basis, so that you can save money on pet care when you’re away. A word of caution, though: Whenever you use an online forum to meet other people, make sure you meet in public and develop a relationship before entrusting yourself or your pet to their care.


You may not think of Craigslist as a pet community, but the pet forums are full of people who love pets and want to connect with other owners in their area. By browsing your local Craigslist site, you can find pet adoption information, set up play dates with other owners and even buy, sell and trade your pet supplies. Craigslist is especially helpful if your pet escapes your home — you can immediately post a notice on Craigslist and feel confident that other Craigslist community members will be on the look-out for your four-legged friend.


DogPawFile is a simple online pet community designed specifically for dog owners. Like many other pet communities, you can create a page for your dog, then post pictures and videos of your furry friend. One thing that makes DogPawFile stand out from other similar sites is the monthly online magazine. In the magazine you can find dog-friendly recipes, dog-themed book reviews and monthly photo contests, mostly written from a dog’s point of view.

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