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Top pet-friendly restaurant chains

When you’re looking for good food with great company, it’s only natural that you’d want to eat out with your pet. Unfortunately, finding pet-friendly restaurants isn’t always an easy task. Next time you’re out and about with Fido and craving a little sustenance, look for one of these pet-friendly restaurant chains to fill your stomach. Just remember — most pet-friendly restaurants require you to dine outside, so dress accordingly!

Dog friendly cafe

1Joe’s Crab Shack

Joe’s Crab Shack is a national restaurant chain with good food and a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Take your pet with you and dine on the deck while enjoying a food selection including everything from seafood to sandwiches and pasta.

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2Panera Bread

Panera Bread offers delicious and healthy sandwiches and soups in a casual café-like setting. After placing your order, you can dine out on the porch with your pet.


Starbucks may not welcome your pets inside their stores, but they encourage pets to enjoy the day with their owners while sitting outside. Kick back and sip your coffee and nibble your pastry while sharing your crumbs with your furry pal.

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Baja Fresh

While Baja Fresh may not be considered fine dining, they do offer tasty Mexican fare and your choice of Mexican beers or margaritas. Head to their outdoor seating and enjoy a little fiesta on a warm evening with your two- and four-legged friends.

5Johnny Rockets

Nothing says “classic American food” like Johnny Rockets, and you can enjoy a truly American afternoon with your pet by picking up a burger, shake and French fries and dining outside on the patio.

6The Lazy Dog Café

If you find yourself in Southern California with your pup, you may want to seek out The Lazy Dog Café. This restaurant offers delicious cuisine including a variety of Mediterranean, Asian, American, Mexican and Italian options. On especially hot days, you and your dog can enjoy your food on the porch while feeling the occasional refreshing mist of water from the restaurant’s outdoor misters.

6Lucky Labrador Brewing Company

As you make your way up the west coast, you and your pup can stop off at one of the four Lucky Labrador Brewing Company locations in Portland, Oregon. Enjoy bar fare and specialty brews while dining al fresco with your pooch.

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8Noah’s New York Bagels

Noah’s New York Bagels is a little bit of a misnomer, as the chain is on the west coast rather than the east coast, but this quick-serve bagel restaurant offers specialty bagels, challah and delicious sandwiches. You can even purchase bagel-shaped dog biscuits before dining outside, where Noah’s provides water bowls for your pet on especially warm days.

9Panini Café

If you tend to prefer high-end Italian- and Mediterranean-style cuisine, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner with your pet on the porch of Panini Café. This small restaurant chain in California has six locations around Los Angeles.

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