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Grooming tips for stylish dogs and cats

Stylish dogs and cats just won’t settle for the standard pet care. They want to be preened and pampered just like you do, so why deny your four-legged favorite his desire for style? Here are some grooming tips for stylish dogs and cats.

Woman brushing dog

1Coat care

You love to comb your lovely locks daily, and you should do the same for your stylish dogs and cats, especially the long-haired breeds. The short-haired breeds can probably skip a few days of brushing. And if your stylish dog or cat gets a dreaded matt in his coat, use a few drops of mineral oil to work the fur loose.

2Bath time

While every stylish dog and cat loves a good scrub down, be careful not to bathe your pet too much or its skin could dry out and get flaky. Bathe your pet when he begins to smell a little funny. And for a totally natural bathing experience, pamper your pet with special products made just for him. Earthbath offers natural care bath products specific to dogs, cats and puppies that are free of harsh soaps and chemicals. Don’t forget to dry your pet off and spritz him with a little pet cologne such as Pet Silk.

3Pet pedi

Your pet may not love his pedicure as much as you do yours, but a pedicure is an important part of any stylish dog’s or cat’s grooming care routine. It’s time to clip your pet’s nails when they start clicking on the tile or getting caught up in the carpet (usually every two to four weeks). Make sure you use nail trimmers specific for dogs or cats; there are trimmers specific for certain breeds so make sure you get one that’s right for your pet. Use sharp trimmers and always be careful not to cut too close to the quick — it will hurt and likely bleed.

4Nail polish

Now that your pet’s pedis are in perfect shape, it’s time to give them a polish. You don’t even have to share your fave OPI polish with your pooch since OPI Pawlish is made specifically for pups! When applying polish, take care not to get polish on your pet’s fur.

5No more tears

Some pet dogs are prone to getting ugly tear stains on the fur around their eyes. Don’t let your stylish pet be embarrassed by this. Pick up a tear stain remover kit such as Angels’ Eyes Tear Stain Remover Solution.

6Bows/top knots

Complete your stylish dog’s or cat’s grooming routine with a little bling! Gently comb the long hair between your dog’s or cat’s ears and brush it back and away from his eyes. Secure a bling-y bow or barrette, and make sure that your pet’s collar reflects his fashionable tastes. Buckle on a collar that sparkles with swarovski crystals. Voila, your stylish dog or cat is ready to strut his four-legged stuff. ME-WOW!

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