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Top pet health resources

Whether you’re a dog, cat, horse or rat person, no other pet is quite like yours. To keep Fido or Fluffy in top-notch shape, you have to take pet health seriously. Sorting the top resources from the posers can be difficult, so we did the work for you. Check out these top sources for a variety of pet health issues.

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Food & toy safety

When you head to the pet store to pick up food, toys and other supplies, it’s natural to assume that the items for sale have been appropriately vetted for safety. Unfortunately, sometimes an unsafe product or food slips through the cracks. To make sure your pet supplies and food are always on the up-and-up, turn to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the latest recalls and product alerts.

Pet health insurance

Pet health insurance used to be on the outskirts of the insurance business, but things have changed, and the industry is now booming. Before you make the purchase for your pet, educate yourself on the types and standards of insurance available. The North American Pet Health Insurance Association provides information on these topics as well as general information on the benefits of pet insurance.

General pet care

Many national organizations provide websites covering topics such as keeping your pet cool during the summer, dealing with your pet’s seasonal allergies and finding a vet when you’re on vacation. The best resources include the American Animal Hospital Association’s and the ASPCA’s Pet Care page. If you’re looking specifically for information on canine health, you also can turn to the American Kennel Club’s Canine Health Foundation website.

When you need a vet

When your pet is experiencing discomfort or pain, the absolute best resource is your personal vet. If you have to wait for an appointment, though, a quality online vet website is always an option.

When you need a question answered quickly, log onto VetInfo and access the “Ask A Veterinarian” page. VetInfo always has vets online, waiting to answer your questions.

Not a dog or cat person? There’s a veterinary resource for exotic pets, too. Check out Exotic Pet Vet.Net for health information on birds, primates, reptiles, fish and other small animals.

Pet health for less

Caring for your pet can be costly. Here are some tips to keep them healthy for less.

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