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Extreme Couponing returns to TLC

TLC’s Extreme Couponing is back with a weekly series focused on super shoppers. Want to be one of these extreme savers? Follow a few of our tricks to get started.

Extreme Couponing returns to TLC

The Extreme Couponing special on TLC in December had us wide-eyed and amazed at the ways so-called “super couponers” saved hundreds – even thousands – on their grocery store trips.

Now, TLC is bringing Extreme Couponing back as a weekly show, starting Wed. April 6. We have to admit, the first Extreme Couponing special got us pumped to save money on our own grocery trips. We took a few of the tips and have saved a bunch of green in the process. Want in on a few of our own Extreme Couponing tricks? We love sharing the knowledge – so take these ideas and save a bunch of your hard-earned cash.

Stack coupons

Many retailers – including our fave Target – offer printable store coupons on their websites. That’s not special in itself – but this is: You can actually use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon for the same item.

Confused? Don’t be. For example, say Target is offering a store coupon for $.50 off a $3.00 gallon of milk and you have a manufacturer coupon worth $1.00 off the same brand of milk. Pair both of these coupons together and you’ll get $1.50 off that gallon of milk and only pay $1.50 for it at the register. Not bad!

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Use coupons for BOGO offers

We love, love, love buy one, get one free offers on items we use often. However, did you know that many stores allow you to use coupons for the item you get for free? It’s true. For example, let’s say your drugstore has a BOGO offer on your favorite brand of shampoo – and let’s just say it’s priced at $4.99 for one bottle. You have two $1.00 off coupons for that brand of shampoo, so give both coupons and you end up getting two bottles of your favorite shampoo for $2.99!

Why does this work? Because you’re technically “buying” the second bottle of shampoo even though you’re getting it for free.

Follow the pros

Several blogs are dedicated to the art of couponing – and the women who run sites like A Full Cup and Hip2Save are constantly posting the hottest deals as they get them, along with insider info on upcoming newspaper coupon inserts and free offers. Believe us, these ladies save us a bunch of time when it comes to our own version of Extreme Couponing.

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