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5 Creative organization ideas for a playroom


The words “organization” and “playroom” don’t appear in the same sentence very often. Most kids’ playrooms look like a tornado recently blew through. With a little creative organization, though, a playroom can become a neatnik’s happy place, making toys easy to find — and to put away. Here are five great organization ideas for a playroom.

Girls in playroom


clean it out.

First things first when organizing your playroom: out with the old! Go through the whole room and weed out those old toys that never get any attention. Donate them, hand them down to friends and family with little ones, or start a “toy swap” with your moms’ group. (Invite all your mom friends to clean out their kids’ playrooms, too. Then get together, trade toys and swap out your old stuff for something that’s new to you.)

2Hang it up.

Your kids love to draw. And paint. And color. But, alas… what to do with all that precious artwork? Instead of tossing it into a pile, put it on display in your kids’ playroom. Suspend a “clothesline” complete with colored clothespins from which you or the kids can hang their artwork.

3Set up stations.

Your playroom will be much more organized if you set up specific areas within the space for specific types of play:

  • Designate a “book nook” in the corner of the room; add a bookshelf or book rack, as well as some beanbag chairs, fluffy pillows and a special lovey.
  • Create another space for creative activities such as working with Play-doh, making bead necklaces and crafting pipecleaner friends. A table with drawers keeps each type of project separate and serves as the perfect place for your kids to sit down and get to work.
  • Paint one wall with chalkboard paint and set up an easel for budding artists.
  • Make a spot for dress-up play with a small room divider and a kid-friendly clothes rack.

4Label, label, label.

Labels are an organized mom’s best friend. Have your kids make colorful and unique labels for anything and everything in your creatively organized playroom.

5Create something!

Make creative organization a creative project in and of itself. With a little fabric, the aforementioned labels and some glue, an old diaper box can become a place to store toy cars. An old pickle jar can house markers or paintbrushes.

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