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Are you ready to own a business?

Suzanne Evans

Women lean towards businesses that help people, but a giving heart and spirit of support can sometimes prevent a business from being profitable. Suzanne Evans, the tell-it-like-it-is, no-nonsense boss of business building and founder of Suzanne Evans Coaching LLC offers her secrets to running a successful business.

Female business owner

Are you a hobbyist or a business owner?

The wealth-conscious entrepreneur understands that values, standards and efficiency not only serve your business model but your clients and customers as well. Is your business running organically and on the fly? Do you have policies, guidelines and procedures in place? If you don’t, now’s the time to start: You’ll be astonished at how this will improve your effectiveness and your clarity.

5 Must-haves for the wealth-conscious entrepreneur

Business tipsHonor your commitments

In business, your commitment is your word. Be on time, be ready and over-deliver. We all make mistakes, but follow through, show up and deliver. If you have a product going out, be certain it goes out on time. If you are delivering a service, make certain it is as promised. You may gloss over these recommendations as obvious, but it’s always worth it to stop and ask, “Am I honoring every commitment at the absolute highest level?”

Set an exampleSet an example

Make certain you are modeling a positive image for your business and services. Your appearance, presence, energy and language all represent you. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget about the image we are presenting. But people pick up on the smallest nuances, and that’s the image of you they carry forever. Preach through your actions and your words.

Run a businessRun it like a business

No matter what your industry, the same best business practices apply. You do not avoid policies, efficiencies and procedures because your business is helping and supporting others. To truly help and support, run your business clean and clear. Have policies, have your team and your clients understand them, and have them in writing. Keep all conversations and communication on a business level and remind yourself why you’re running this business in the first place.

Have a business mentorHave a mentor

When you have a seasoned person to ask for guidance and support, everything is easier. One of my mentors always says, “Business is messy,” and it can be — so having someone to soundboard, ask and advise is leveraging your best interests in business growth. Find someone who invented the wheel so you don’t have to.

Be uncomfortableBe uncomfortable

Change is good — but not always easy and not always comfortable. When you feel uncomfortable, it means something is shifting and we are moving. Being uncomfortable in your business and stretching yourself beyond the comfort zone means you are not in hobby mode. It is in this discomfort that we risk, journey and profit!

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