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Google and YouTube get in the April Fool’s Day prank action

Google and YouTube are pulling our legs with their April Fool’s Day pranks. Awesome or lame-o?

Google April Fool's Day pranks

Google is known for their April Fool’s Day pranks – people wait with baited breath to see what Google will pull out of their hats each April Fool’s Day.

Well, today’s the day! And this joke is one of Google’s best: Gmail Motion. Gmail Motion is Google’s way of encouraging extra exercise by requiring certain movements to control Gmail.

Google says Gmail Motion is:

  • Easy to learn – Simple and intuitive gestures
  • Improved productivity In and out of your email up to 12% faster
  • Increased physical activityGet out of that chair and start moving today

Google isn’t the only web company getting in on the April Fool’s Day prank action. YouTube is getting in on the action with YouTube 1911 and the best viral videos from 100 years ago. Our favorite is the Ruth Roll’d video. Who knew the Rick Roll phenomenon was ripped off from this? Travesty, we tell you!

YouTube 1911 Horse and Buggy Crash

What were your favorite April Fool’s Day pranks this year?

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