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5 Stylish celebrity moms

We sifted through photos of some of our favorite celebrity mamas of recent and came up with five of the moms with the most enviable pregnancy style sense. These ladies knew how to dress up that baby bump and pulled off their look in true Hollywood fashion.

Hollywood mom style

Forget mom jeans and pleats, Hollywood moms are one stylish bunch. Just last week it was announced that stylish 30 Rock star Elizabeth Banks became a mom. Though she didn’t sport a baby bump (her bundle of joy was delivered via surrogate), we started wondering who took the babycakes as the top five most stylish celebrities mammas. And, what are their style secrets for the rest of us?

Stylish celebrity momHalle Barry

Halle Berry's pregnant celebrity style

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Halle Barry wore short skirts and fitted dresses throughout her pregnancy and looked beautiful every second of it.

Stylish celebrity momClaudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer's pregnant celebrity style

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This hot mamma is a fan of maternity leggings and paired them with sweaters and pumps for a casual polished day to day look.

Stylish celebrity momChristina Applegate

Christina Applegate's pregnant celebrity style

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Child star-turned-child-wrangler Christina Applegate was often spotted sporting leggings paired with heels.

Stylish celebrity momNicole Richie

Nicole Richie's stylish pregnancy fashion

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Mom of two , Nicole Richie, rocked materiny skinny jeans throughout her pregnancy and paired them with long vests and heels — staying true to her trend-setting style.

Stylish celebrity momJennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez's stylish maternity dress

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This diva practically lived in maxi dresses when she was pregnant.

While most of us don’t have a team of personal trainers, nutritionists and assistants around to knock that donut out of our hand when cravings hit, we can learn a lot about style and fashion from them. Because when you’re rocking a baby bump, there’s no amount of airbrushing that can hide that!

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