OPI Fall 2011 nail colors

OPI just announced Touring America, its newest nail color collection for fall 2011. Here’s a peek at the 12-color polish lineup coming our way soon!

OPI fall nail colors: OPI's Touring America Collection

The nail lacquer gurus of OPI will launch their latest colorful line of new hues in their Fall/Winter 2011 collection, appropriately named Touring America — colors inspired by “Americana and cities rich in cultural heritage.”

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Suzi Weiss-Fischman, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director explains that her recent cross country road trip inspired these destination shades. Colors feature clever names inspired by some of her favorite stops like A-taupe the Space Needle, a rich chocolately brown and French Quarter for your Thoughts, a soft grey hue. Others reference what it feels like to be on the road like Get in the Espresso Lane with its dark brown color, and Are We There Yet?, a cheerful melon.

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OPI fall nail colors: OPI's Touring America Collection

Fischman hopes the Touring America collection will take women on the “ultimate tour across the USA,” with stops in some of our nations more obscure locations like Clarksdale, Tucson, and Jackson Hole. These culture rich spots influenced a wide variety of new polish colors in the Touring America line that effortlessly unite the rich hues of fall with the offbeat grays that are in style at the moment.

How to polish like a pro

Polish like a pro by following these simple steps:

  1. First clean nails, and dry completely.
  2. Then, apply a base coat to ensure a smooth surface for color application and to prevent nail polish from staining your nails.
  3. Once the base coat dries, wipe excess polish from the wand and apply a thick line down the center of the nail.
  4. Follow with two more lines of polish on each side of your first stroke.
  5. Use the polish brush to smooth any clumps, let dry, then add a second coat of polish the same way.
  6. Use a cuticle stick or Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to erase any nail polish that got on your skin during application.
  7. Once nails are completely dry finsh with a top coat to seal the color and add shine

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