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How to survive swimsuit shopping

Swimsuit shopping is the bane of every woman’s summer existence, but unless you’re going to skip the pool altogether, shopping for that perfect beach style is an unfortunate but necessary evil. To help you avoid a fitting room meltdown we’ve put together some simple strategies for taking the stress our of swimsuit shopping.

Woman shopping for bathing suit

1Shop solo

As much as having a friend with you seems like a good idea, you’ll be much more focused if you go it alone. Plus you won’t have to worry about being self-conscious in front of someone else even if it is your best friend. Just knowing you don’t have to leave the change room will keep you calmer and less anxious about baring it all for the sake of buying a bikini.

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2Disregard the sales people

Shopping for a swimsuit will be much easier if you politely tell the saleswoman that you don`t need any help. If you need her to grab a new size or check to see if a certain style is in stock, that`s fine. But having her hovering outside your dressing room asking how you`re doing can be stressful. You`re much better off graciously declining her offer to help and going back to trying on bathing suits in peace.

3Ignore the bad lighting

Just accept the fact that the lighting in most fitting rooms is atrocious and completely unflattering. No one is safe from the harsh lights of a change room so rather than freak out over how pasty and misshapen you look while trying on tankinis, just remember that it`s not you, it`s the lighting. Focusing on how you look in a fitting room will just make you crazy and cause your already rocky self esteem to plummet. Just try on the suit and think only about fit and comfort, not about how you wish you`d spent more time at the gym last month.

4Take your time

The trick to successful bathing suit shopping is to try on several different styles and color combinations until you hit on the style that suits you best. We know you`re probably tempted to grab the first item you see and run screaming from the store, but this method just doesn`t work. You`ll end up with a style that doesn`t suit you, which means you won`t feel good wearing it. Slow down and accept the fact you might have to try on 10 or more looks before hitting on the right one. The more methodical you are in your search, the more likely you are to find something great.

5Don’t panic

Freaking out about swimsuit shopping is common. Most women hate it. But the more you panic the harder the process is going to be. Psyche yourself up before you even leave for the mall so you ensure a painless shopping experience. Tell yourself you know it`s not going to be fun, but that you will find something you love and that flatters your figure. Buying a bathing suit shouldn’t be an excuse to berate yourself about how you look. It might not be fun, but it shouldn`t cause you to have a meltdown.

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