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Emmy Rossum shys away from scissors

Anyone who’s ever suffered through a bad haircut knows that it takes time to get over a follicular homicide. For Emmy Rossum, that time still hasn’t come and the Shameless star admits that she is majorly shear shy when it comes to cutting her hair.

Shear Madness?

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You’d think someone as gorgeous, talented and famous as Emmy Rossum would never have a bad hair day. According to the Shameless star, that is not the case. She pretty much had a bad hair childhood, and has never gotten over it.

At a recent event, The Suave Challenge, in New York City, Emmy admitted that she’s “really afraid of scissors” and avoids getting her hair cut at all costs.

“I get that panic moment — I think every girl does — when they’re snipping and you can’t quite tell how much they’re snipping.”

Why the fear? Well, before she was s movie and tv star, she was a kid. A kid with a really bad haircut.

She told PEOPLE:

“My hair was super, super short when I was five years old and other every girl looked like Serena van der Woodsen,” she recalled. “I had short, inch-long curly hair so it was pretty scarring. I haven’t cut my hair since.”

During the Sauve Challenge event, Emmy talked about how she keeps her hair healthy and gorgeous.

“When you work on shoots, they always use super expensive products on you and I just feel like it’s a little out of reach for every girl, especially right now with the economy,” Rossum said. “It just doesn’t make sense to be spending half your paycheck on your conditioner.”

And obvisouly cutting her hair off is out of the question!

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