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8 Outdoor and gardening accessories for spring

Freshen up your home for Spring
Garden gnomes and mosaic stepping stools are go-to outdoor and gardening accessories for many spring-loving gardeners, but if you’re looking to make a unique statement with your green space, fill it with stylish yet functional garden decor. Here are eight of our favorite outdoor and gardening accessories that will set your backyard apart from the ordinary garden spots this spring.

Outdoor garden accessories

Spring-inspired candleholderTiered Planter

If space-efficient gardening is a must for you, consider this stylish tiered planter. Four tiers high and durably crafted with long-lasting cedar, you can showcase an impressive and bountiful flower or herb garden in the smallest of spaces.

Price: $80

Update your pillows for springBird Nest Planter

Make your feathered friends feel welcome with a bird nest planter, complete with a perching bird. Made of aluminum and woven steel, this charming planter comes in two sizes and stands 38 to 40 inches high. Because it can be placed anywhere in your garden or backyard setting above other flora, the bird nest planter is also an artsy way to grow even more plants and flowers.

Price: $35 for small planter; $60 for large planter

Spring-inspired vaseInsect Plant Hangers

A fun, space-saving way to decorate your patio with living green is by hanging pots and decorative baskets of your favorite flora. Instead of the boring screw-in-the-rafter hooks, hang your pots of flowers, herbs and vegetables with these whimsical insect-themed plant hangers. Crafted of steel with springy antennas and vines, this four-hanger set features a butterfly, ladybug, dragonfly and bee.

Price: $30

Wall decor for springCray Garden Tool Kit

Who says all the garden beauty has to be in the plants and flowers? The Cray garden tool kit is the most gorgeous set of gardening tools you can put in the dirt. And don’t let their pretty chintz design fool you — the aluminum trowel and cultivator fork are tough, durable and especially designed for real gardeners. This tool set also comes in a stylish box.

Price: $30

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