Top pink hairstyles for spring

Winter is over! Time to celebrate with a new hairdo. If you’re in need of some color inspiration, you’re in luck. In honor of Spring and all the bright, blossoming colors that come with it, we’ve compiled a list of the best heads of pink hair in Hollywood. Will you be brave enough to try one of these?

Pretty in pink

Ready to spring out of the deep trenches of winter and do something wild with your hair? To some, a one inch trim can be extreme, but when you take a look at what some of the world’s hottest stars have done with their hair, you might tell your stylist to make it two inches.

Kelis’ Pink Hair

Keli's celebrity pink hairstyle

It looks like someone brought a milkshake to the yard and accidentally spilled it on her short, bouffant of cotton candy colored head. Way to go, Kelis!

Gwen Stefani’s Pink Braids

Gwen Stefani's celebrity pink hairstyle

An oldie but goodie, Gwen Stefani is an old skool mane manipulater. She is always changing out her hair color in different shades of pink, though it seems that she has finally settled on blonde now that she’s a mom.

Lily Allen’s Pretty Pink Locks

Lilly Allen's celebrity pink hairstyle

Even stars across the pond like to toy with their tendrils. This girlie ‘do with a cute lace ribbon is a much happier look than Lily’s normally mopey black mop top.

Pink in Pink

Pink's celebrity pink hairstyle

Of course we had to include this pretty pop star. Pink has banked her career on this color — and it’s totally paid off. We’re loving Pink’s rocking pink hairstyle.

Pink hair accessories

pink hair accessory for spring

Not ready to go pink on top to welcome the darling buds of May? Perhaps start with a cute Cherry Blossom hair accessory, like this one we found on

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