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Fast & effective beauty boosters


We can’t all roll out of bed looking like supermodels, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enhance and improve the assets we have. Whether you’re dealing with dry, frizzy hair, skin that’s lost its glow, or a less-than-perfect pout, the beauty experts at SheKnows have some sneaky beauty-boosting tricks on hand to help you look great — even if you have to fake it.

Woman with frizzy hair

1Oscar BlandiDry, frizzy hair

Massage a tiny amount of your regular conditioner into dry hair to seal split ends and keep them from looking ragged.

Next, consider dying your hair a shade or two darker than your natural (or current) shade. Darker hair reflects light better, so it appears glossier. You also can boost shine with moisturizing or glossing products that fight frizz and smooth hair. Try Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Hair Serum ($35), which you can apply to damp or dry hair to add shine, definition and light reflection to dull hair.

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2Pale skin

Give skin a boost with an easy faux tan. Whether it’s from a bottle, a spray or a professional salon application, you’ll look healthier and revitalized. If you’re doing it yourself, exfoliate first (which makes for smoother, more even application), and wait at least 20 to 30 minutes before getting dressed so the tanner has time to set and sink in.

Another face-brightening idea: Highlight some sections of hair around your face, where the sun would naturally lighten strands. Choose a shade one or two shades lighter than your natural color.

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3Less-than-perfect pout

If your pout isn’t as voluptuous as you’d like, you can add some sex appeal to your smile with a few simple strategies. Start by gently exfoliating your lips; this boosts circulation and causes lips to puff slightly. (Create your own exfoliator by mixing a small amount of granulated sugar into a gentle facial cleanser.) Next, outline the V-shaped area on your upper lip with a white, shimmery pencil. This creates the illusion of a fuller lip. Choose glossy over matte lip color, and line lips with a nude liner rather than a dark one. The lighter shade enhances the pouty shape of your lips without over-defining them.

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4Water with lemonTired skin

Begin your morning with a moisturizing mask to plump tired, dehydrated skin and minimize some of the dullness. While your mask is setting, trade that much-desired cup of coffee for a few glasses of water with a twist of lemon to hydrate from the inside out. Next, use a concealer to cover up any dark circles under your eyes (less is more — and be gentle), and lightly line the inside corners of your eyes with a cream-colored liner to make the whites of your eyes appear brighter. Finish off with a luminizing powder or liquid highlighter across your cheekbones to brighten your complexion.

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