Entryway organization: Stylish umbrella stands

As the season shifts from winter to spring, the age-old adage “April showers brings May flowers” comes to mind. Yet at this time of year, I’m seeing many more dripping-wet umbrellas than beautifully blooming buds. The question is where to store these eyesores. The answer? In a stylish umbrella stand, of course!

Find your style

Many people assume that anything goes in a home’s mudroom or entryway, as it’s usually hidden from the main living and dining areas. On the contrary, your entryway sets the tone as the first space experienced in your home. It directs all energy coming in. The entryway is also the last thing that you see when you leave. Leave your house with a clear, organized mind by walking out of an organized entryway.

When picking out the best umbrella stand for your home, it’s important to consider not just the room you’re working with, but the overall look and design of your home. Defining your style is half the battle. Then onto the fun part — shopping!

1Umbrella standsTraditional

Pottery Barn’s Blacksmith umbrella stand, which can be used indoors or out, has gorgeous carved mango wood, and the bands of hand-forged iron provide an old-world yet put-together look.

IKEA’s Portis umbrella stand is a pared-down version of Pottery Barn’s Blacksmith, with a lower price point to match.


Two’s Company Owl Umbrella Stand is an absolute hoot and would be right at home with other fun secondhand finds.

If you’re a bit crafty and love to think out of the box, there are many items that you can repurpose as an umbrella stand. A flea-market-find, depending on the style, could be an adorable addition to a country-style home.


Cut-outs add just the right touch of whimsy to the clean, sophisticated design of this sleek matte stainless steel stand by Blomus.

For an umbrella stand with smarts, this Monsoon stand from Umbra has a polished aluminum finish and a handy bottom tray that collects any puddles.


Multi-purpose pieces help space-deprived entryways while cutting down on clutter. Target’s two-in-one coat rack and umbrella stand and Urban Outfitters Coming and Going coat rack with built-in umbrella stand both do the trick!

And any umbrella would be happy hanging out with coats, hats and mail on Areaware’s sleek Wire hanger.

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