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9 Easy steps to thick, full hair

We always see models and celebrities with thick, volumized, luscious hair. Whether it’s long or short, it looks ample and youthful. The truth is, many women find themselves with thinning hair due to post-pregnancy hormones, menopause, illness or stress. Here are a few tips to get fuller, thicker hair.

Woman with thick hair

1Understand your hair

At any given time, your hair is in one of three phases: The Anagen cycle- when it is actually growing, the Catagen phase- the intermediate phase when the lower two-thirds of your hair is destroyed, or the Telogen cycle- the resting phase.

Usually about 85-90 percent of your hair is in the Anagen phase and 1 percent is in the Catagen phase. The rest of the hair is in the Telogen phase; however circumstances can cause growing hair to get to this cycle faster, causing thinning hair.


Determine the cause

This is the time to check with your doctor to determine the cause of thinning hair, whether it is post-pregnancy hormones or even a thyroid issue.

3Try a healthy-hair diet

Make sure your diet contains foods with vitamins and minerals that can help with healthy hair growth. Folic acid (found in soybeans and wheat) can help with hair thinning, Vitamin C (found in citrus fruits) can help with keratin production, Vitamin A (found in spinach) helps keep the scalp healthy. Lastly, Vitamin B (found in red meat) can help prevent hair loss.

Make sure to also take your vitaminds and talk to your doctor or dermatologist about a good daily vitamin or supplement with the vitamins above in combination with biotin and zinc.

4Deep condition

Your existing hair can get weak and brittle with exposure to the elements and frequent washing and blow-drying. Keep it moisturized and strong with frequent conditioning treatments. Once a week, shampoo hair and remove excess water then apply a deep conditioning mask and wrap a warm towel around your head. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse. If this is too long for you, try one of the new express conditioning treatments, such as Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Conditioner (at drugstores nationwide).

5Massage your scalp

Massage your scalp with coconut or jojoba oil to increase scalp circulation. On either wet or dry hair, apply coconut oil to your scalp. Massage in circular motions around your scalp. Finish by wrapping a warm, wet towel around your head and leave on for 10 minutes for extra conditioning.

“How we take care of our hair at home greatly impacts its health and appearance,” says Eva Scrivo, renowned hair expert and author of Eva Scrivo on Beauty.


Switch to products that create volume from shampoo, conditioner to hair styling products. These products contain ingredients that give hair fullness. These include humectants, a non-oily substance that draws in hydration from the surrounding environment and attracts it to the hair strand. These humectants swell the hair shaft, temporarily making hair look thicker. Polymers in hair volumizers coat each strand, also adding to the thicker look. In result, the increased moisture also helps each strand of hair look thicker.

7Strategic color

Try strategic color placement and ask your stylist for low-lights to create the illusion of thicker hair.

8Add extensions

Even if you are not seeking extra length to your hair, extensions can be a great way to add volume and fullness. Find a salon that offers real hair extensions (prices start at $500) or try one of the new at-home, clip in versions to save time and money, such as Milani Hair Extensions. This is one of the few do-it-yourself extensions that are made from real human hair. They can be cut and styled just like regular hair and even a few strands can make a huge difference. These are also low-maintenance and commitment-free compared to in salon extensions.

9Try a laser comb

New at-home FDA approved technology uses nourishing laser light energy into your hair to revitalize it and improve its condition. Results are usually seen in 6-16 weeks, depending on the condition of the scalp and hair. Although expensive (at-home units average $500), this can be another, great option.

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