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Runway to MomWay: A guide to spring’s hair trends


We’ve read so much about the style and beauty looks on the runways for Spring 2011, but the question is how do we get these looks at home? Luckily, Spring 2011 hair trends are “real life” friendly. Here is a guide to wearing a few of my favorite trends from the runway.

Messy, Beachy Waves

What I love about the description here is: Messy! That means moms on the run don’t really have to worry about combing their hair, well in the traditional way. To get this look, which was found on the runways at Thakoon and Cynthia Steffe, try these simple steps:

Wash hair with a volumizing shampoo such as Suave Professionals Amplifying Shampoo (at drugstores nationwide, about $1.99).

Spray with a beach spray to create texture (such as Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, about $22 at salons), or make your own: Fill a plastic spray bottle with 8 oz of water. Add 1 teaspoon of sea salt. You can also add in a drop of coconut oil to minimize the drying effects of the sea salt. Shake well and spray on wet hair.

Either let hair dry naturally (scrunching hair periodically) or dry with a diffuser and, voila!- easy, messy waves.

For more curl, grab 2-inch sections of hair with a 1 or 1 ½ inch curling iron and curl. Create the curls in a variety of patterns. Once you have finished, flip your head upside down and shake the curls out.

Deep Side Part

I love a deep side part to add a polished and sleek look. The deep side part looks good on a variety of hair styles from straight to wavy, short or long. This is a great look if you work or if you are going from a mom-centered day to a PTA meeting, or even a night out. It’s one of the easiest ways to transform your look without any styling tools! Found on the runways at DKNY and Lacoste. Follow these steps to get this look:

Wash your hair as you normally do.

Follow with a mousse to create texture and control your hair. Having a deep side part does not necessarily mean hair needs to be flat, it looks great on hair that has volume, curl or texture.

Using a wide tooth comb, shift your part about 2 inches toward the side of your face (either right or left, whatever is most natural to you). Ideally, the part will line up with the arch of the eyebrow.

Blow-dry your hair as normal. Hair can be worn down or in a ponytail or bun, it’s fun to experiment and a great way to add pizzazz to the everyday ponytail.

If you don’t have time to wash your hair, you can still get this look by using a long tail comb or the tip of a fine-tooth comb to move your part over 2 inches to either side of your face. For extra volume, first brush a dry shampoo to the roots of your hair and comb or finger through before parting hair.

Sleek and Shiny

This is a look that many try to achieve with a Keratin treatment, but the truth is you can do it at home! With the right products, you won’t have to go to the salon for shiny and sleek hair. This is a great look for moms because it can last throughout the week. Simply touch up the hair each day with a flat iron or use this as a base for a sleek ponytail. This was found on the runways of Narcisco Rodriguez and Cynthia Rowley and here is how you can do it at home:

Condition your hair once a week with a hair mask or even coconut oil. Keeping your hair in great condition is a base for getting this look and keeping your hair manageable, healthy and shiny.

Wash and condition hair with a smoothing or straightening shampoo and conditioner. These products work by depositing ingredients such as silicones and polymers to the hair to weigh down and smooth it, in turn not allowing frizz or curl. Follow with a heat spray with shine (such as Pantene Heat Protection & Shine Spray) to protect the hair from the drying and heat appliances. To further protect your ends, follow with a few drops of oil on the tips of the hair such as Moroccan Oil or Argan Oil.

Blow dry hair in sections using a round brush. Finish each section with a blast of cool air to seal in the cuticle.

Use a ceramic flat iron to smooth the hair. Be sure to keep the flat iron moving on each section of hair. When you stop you cause dents and damage.

Tame any flyaways and add more shine with a shine serum, such as Neutrogena Triple Moisture Healing Shine Serum (about $12 at drugstores nationwide). For a lighter look, try a glossing spray instead.

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Moms can do it all, including a fabulous hairstyle. All it takes are some great, quick tips on how to do runway trends the mom way. In her book “The Hot Mom’s Handbook” Jessica Denay says that adding a little baking soda to your shampoo once a week will give you really deep clean and remove built-up residue. Since washing your hair everyday isn’t necessary (and let’s face it, as mom’s we don’t always have the time) this is a great way to take care of those mom-tastic locks and stay trendy this spring.


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