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How to dress yourself thinner

Whether you have five pounds to lose or 25, you can look slimmer by choosing the right clothes. When shopping, keep these style suggestions in mind to dress yourself thinner.

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1Wear clothes that fit

Many women believe that by wearing baggy clothes or by squeezing into a smaller size, they’ll somehow look thinner. In reality, clothes that fit properly will make you look your best. Oversized apparel and bulky fabrics will actually add visual weight, while tight clothes will accentuate your bulges. Select garments that don’t cling or bind but drape beautifully, just skimming your body.

A proper fitting bra will make you look slimmer because it lifts your breasts and pulls up your stomach muscles. Also straps that are too tight cause “back fat” and other unslightly bulges. Make sure that you are wearing the right size bra — over 70% of women aren’t. Invest in a professional fitting.

2Not your daughter's jeansPick the right jeans

Skinny jeans might be trendy, but they aren’t the best bet for women carrying a little extra weight in the tummy, hips or thighs. Instead, pick a pair of boot-cut or flared jeans in a dark wash to elongate and slim the look of your legs. Some brands, such as Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, offer jeans and other pants with a built-in control panel to slim your mid-section and shape your rear.

3Skip the pleats

Pleated skirts might be cute, but they won’t do you any favors. Wear skirts and pants with a flat front in order to look thinner. And believe it or not, you don’t always have to stick with black. Dark colors such as charcoal gray, chocolate brown, navy blue and forest green will also make you look slimmer. Remember to wear a darker color on the area of the body that you want to look smaller, and a lighter or brighter color elsewhere.

4Wear a tunic

Tunics are so forgiving with their swingy shape and flowing fabrics. You can wear a tunic over slim jeans, trousers or leggings. If you want to wear a belt with your tunic, place it loose and low in order to lengthen and slim your torso. Tunics come in fabulous prints, but keep the size of the pattern in mind. Teeny-tiny prints will make you look larger as will gigantic graphic prints, so stick with something in the middle. Check out these other styles to hide tummy bulge and figure flaws.

5Yellow heelsPut on your heels

To look thinner, don’t wear flat shoes. Heels that are two inches or higher will help your legs look longer and thinner. If you are carrying extra weight in your upper body, pick a pair of shoes in a bright color or with eye-catching embellishments to draw the eyes away from your problem areas. If you have thick ankles, don’t wear shoes with ankle straps. They’ll make your ankles look even thicker and your legs appear short and stumpy.

6Show off your assets

Accentuate the positive and take the focus off the negative. A top or dress with an interesting neckline will draw the attention toward your long neck or beautiful shoulders. Jeans with small, low rear pockets can make a flat butt look fuller. A sleeveless top with a knee-length skirt is great to show off your arms and hide fuller thighs.

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