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Pick a look for prom

Prom is fast approaching, and choosing a style for the biggest night of the year can seem overwhelming. With our tips, though, finding the perfect prom ensemble — dress, shoes, accessories — is easier than you think.

Girls in prom dresses going to prom dance

Cursive number 1the dress

It all starts with the dress. Once you’ve decided on one, everything else — makeup, hair and accessories — will fall into place. Here’s what to consider when shopping for your prom dress:

Teen in prom dressProm dress length: Do you want to go long or short? A long dress falls on the formal side, while a short dress is more flirty and playful.

Prom dress color: Consider what flatters your skin tone. Try on lots of colors to see what makes you glow. Also think about the statement you want to make — bold and brash, fun and flirty, or elegant and feminine. Some on-trend hues for this year include white, pretty pastels and metallics.

Prom dress style: The choices are many: empire waist versus drop waist, square neckline versus V-neck, strapless versus spaghetti straps… You get the idea. Before you launch into a prom-induced panic, think about what looks best on you. If you have narrow shoulders and a small bust, a square neckline can give the illusion of a fuller chest. If you have toned arms from all that volleyball practice, show them off with thin straps, or go strapless.

Prom dress theme: Do you want something modern and metallic or vintage and boho-chic? The theme you choose will say a lot about your personality. Trends to consider this year include romantic (think flowing, gauzy whites, lace and longer looks), vintage-inspired (beaded and fringed frocks, A-line dresses and shorter looks) and rock and roll (blacks, metallics and statement-making makeup).

Cursive number 2Gold sequin flatsthe shoes

Once you’ve chosen a dress, you can move on to shoes and accessories. Heels versus flats is the biggest choice you’ll have to make. We understand the desire for height, but remember that you will be dancing all night long. Do you want to end up with blisters? Think about trading sky-high heels for a pair of flirty flats to avoid dancefloor pain.

Cursive number 3Gold cocktail ringthe accessories

Even if you don’t normally wear jewelry, this is prom; sparkle and bling are essential. Your accessories should complement your overall look and theme, but they don’t need to match. Going glam? A large cocktail ring and shimmery earrings are perfect. Feeling the vintage vibe? Opt for a tangle of bangles and some hoops in your ears. No matter your dress and theme, you need a clutch to match — nothing too cumbersome, roomy enough for essentials such as gloss, gum, powder or oil-blotting papers and your phone.

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