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Easy ways to feel better about your clothes

It’s a hurried work morning and you’re running late. You pick out a shirt, sweater and a pair of pants from your closet without too much thought. You get to work, go to the bathroom and realize your outfit is a mess. You suddenly don’t feel like your fashionable self and your self-esteem takes a dip. Don’t stress! These simple mid-day style spruce-ups will get you back to feeling snazzy in no time.

Woman applying lipstick at work

Cursive number 1Do some MacGyvering

Ok, so that sweater is looking less than flattering and those pants don’t fit exactly the way you want them to. That’s ok. What do you have with you? A bobby pin? A hair tie? A safety pin? These simple hair and wardrobe staples are fantastic tools to carry in your purse, should you need to make an outfit adjustment. Take off the sweater and take in your pants with the bobby pin. Pin together gaping bustlines. Confidence is just a few adjustments away.

Cursive number 2

Throw on your spare heels

Your car is likely not as clean as it should be, but in this case, that’s a positive thing. Think of the spare! Not the spare tire, the spare heels you threw in your back seat last week. Heels are a great way to feel instantly sexy. They shape your legs and lift your butt, giving you a slender silhouette. Pop those puppies on and walk through the office reassured.

Cursive number 3Accessorize and decessorize

Decessorize isn’t technically a word, but it was advice from legendary designer Coco Chanel. She said before you leave the house, you should take one thing off. Now that you’re in the office, utilize this advice. Decessorize by taking off that unnecessary belt or sweater. Remove the bulk and be comfortable. Or maybe you should accessorize instead. Look through your purse for the gems you took off in the past and flaunt them.

Cursive number 4Look beyond the outfit

You’ve spent all of this time looking at your outfit and forgot to look up. Add a touch of flair to your face with a bright pop of lipstick, a swipe of blush and a stroke or two of mascara. Refresh your hair with a good comb-out or a touch of hairspray. Try flipping your hair over and messing it up a bit at the roots to get some va-va-voom volume. If your hair was up, put it down. If your hair was down, put it up. Play with your overall look. When your face and hair are looking their best, odds are your frock fusses will be a thing of the past.

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