How to freshen up your look in five minutes

Are you bored with your look? It doesn’t take much to shake things up. Without much effort, you can go from blah to beautiful in just five minutes. Pick just one or two of these steps to get a fresh look fast.

1Freshen your lookThrow on a scarf

There’s a lot you can do with a scarf. Throw it around your neck, tie it around your waist or wrap it around your head. You can even make a bracelet out of a small scarf. You’ll add a big punch of color to an otherwise dull outfit with just this one accessory. Stick to lighter scarves for the warmer months. Heavier scarves pull double-duty in cool weather by making you look good and keeping you warm.

2Wear a necklace

Big, gaudy necklaces are all the rage right now, and they can do wonders to your boring wardrobe. Throw one heavy necklace — or several thinner ones — over a solid color shirt for a trendy look that’s sure to turn heads.

3Size up your shoes

Take a look at your shoe collection. Do you only see shades of black and brown? Take a cue from some of today’s biggest trends and go bright the next time you purchase footwear. Consider bright red or electric blue heels. If heels aren’t your thing, find a pair of flats with stripes or an animal print. A pair of shoes in a bold color or exciting pattern can transform your look into something hot.

4Get a mini manicure

It’s amazing how refreshed a fresh coat of polish can make you feel. Take five minutes to paint your nails and you’ll feel like a new woman all day long. Go for a light or sheer color — they don’t need to be applied as carefully as darker shades. If you already have painted nails, adding just a quick clear coat makes an old paint job look brand new.

5Don’t forget your skin

Nothing makes you look and feel fresher than a glowing face. Use a textured cleanser for a quick exfoliation and follow up with an application of your favorite facial moisturizer. You’ll look and feel completely refreshed, no matter what kind of day you’ve had.

6Brighten your eyes

Those dark circles are dragging you down, girlfriend! Apply an eye cream with added retinol or caffeine to lighten your dark circles and send those bags under your eyes packing. Brightening up your eyes will make your whole face look fresher.

7Tame your hair

That ponytail is looking just as tired as you are. Add a fun accessory, like a barrette or a ribbon, or experiment with headbands and bows. It takes just a minute to throw one on, but the difference it makes is amazing.

Are you a little gun-shy about injecting color into your wardrobe? In this video, Kathie Lee and Hoda from “Today” tell you the best ways to blast your way into spring with a splash of color.

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