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Morning beauty in 15 Minutes


When you’re pressed for time in the morning, you need a quick beauty routine. A little planning and these quick tips will have you gorgeous and and on your way in 15 minutes or less!

Woman moisturizing face

1Shower the night before (0 minutes)

After the dinner dishes are put away, the kids are in bed and you’ve had a chance to unwind, pamper yourself with a warm bath or a nice long shower. Take time to shave your legs, exfoliate your skin and wash your hair, if necessary (remember, you don’t have to wash your hair every day!). You’ll find that you’ll still smell fresh in the morning and you won’t have to worry about fresh white deodorant marks on your clothes.

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2ListerineBrush your teeth (3 minutes)

Start with a whitening rinse such as Listerine® Whitening® Pre-Brush Rinse. Brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste, like Crest 3D White Vivid toothpaste. Floss (don’t skip flossing to save time — it’s too important for good health!). Rinse with whitening mouthwash for fresh breath and dazzling teeth. Try Listerine® Zero™ Mouthwash with no alcohol.

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3Wash your face (0.5 minutes)

No matter how well you cleansed your skin the night before, start every morning by running a washcloth and warm water over your face. Follow with a splash of cold water and pat dry. In about 30 seconds, you’ll rid your pretty face of the icky things — dead skin cells, sleepers and dried drool — that collect overnight.

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4Apply moisturizer (0.5 minutes)

Start by applying a moisturizer with SPF. This takes less than a minute, yet provides all-day protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Opt for tinted moisturizer to even out your skin and add a little coverage without the extra step of applying foundation.

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5Get dressed (4 minutes)

Gather your outfit the night before so you won’t waste precious time in the morning deciding what to wear or looking for matching shoes. While you’re dressing, your facial moisturizer will have time to absorb so you can move on to make-up.

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6Do your make-up (3 minutes)

Cristina from, a discount cosmetics and fashion e-retailer, keeps her make-up routine short and sweet:

  • Face. Apply blush powder to eyelids and cheeks. Dust any excess blush down the bridge of the nose, into the hairline and down the jawline.
  • Eyes. Line your upper lash line with brown or black eyeliner, curl your lashes and apply mascara.
  • Lips. Select a lipstick or lipgloss color that coordinates with your outfit (or suits your mood!) for the day.

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7T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Styling Wand Style your hair (4 minutes)

Since you washed your hair last night, it’s so much easier to manage this morning — and you skip the time-consuming blow-drying step altogether! If you set your hair overnight (try it: you may like the results), just fluff it up with your fingers. For a sleek look, grab a straightener (new models heat up in seconds) and touch up the top layer of hair. For instant polish, create perfect waves instantly with the new T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Styling Wand by Remington. Spritz with holding spray and you’re done!

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