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How to make your look last all day long

Why spend all that time making yourself beautiful every morning if it’s just going to fade away by mid-day? These tips will get you off to a good start so you can keep your look all day long.

Woman applying lip gloss

1To help make-up stay put, use primer

Our make-up has to make it through some pretty busy days. By evening, it’s a wonder we were wearing any at all! Madonna’s personal make-up artist, Gina Brooke, dealt with the same problem on a much grander scale.

“I never used primer until I worked on tour with Madonna,” says Brooke. “She would dance and sing for two-and-a-half hours on stage, and her make-up would totally melt down.” Primer neutralizes the skin (takes out the redness) and creates a uniform canvas for applying make-up. “It’s ultimately my #1 secret weapon when it comes to flawless make-up that lasts all day long,” says Brooke.

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2Stop bleeding lipstick with layers of color

Well-done lips complete a look, but they are usually the first part of the make-up to go AWOL. Try these simple tips to keep your pucker pretty all day long:

  • Include your lips when applying foundation.
  • Apply beeswax lip balm with SPF.
  • Outline your lips with a lip pencil, then fill in (tip: original-type lip pencils tend to stay in place longer than smooth, self-sharpening kinds.).
  • Pat on a bit of face powder and apply lipstick. The powder gives the lipstick something to hold on to.
  • Add a touch of gloss, if desired.

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3Fight common hair problems

How can your hair look so good in the morning and so awful by day’s end? Don’t worry: There are things you can do to prevent hair disasters.

Limp hair. If your hair goes limp as the day wears on, use extra volume shampoo and conditioner. Before styling, and while hair is still damp, apply volume-building mousse to the roots, then blow dry your hair upside-down, targeting the roots. Finish with a spritz of hair spray. By keeping styling products at the roots, you’ll prevent the rest of your hair from becoming weighed down and flat.

Frizzy hair. If your smooth morning hair blossoms into unwanted frizzies, try a silicone-based control gel or styling cream. Apply the product from roots to ends and comb through. Air-dry for long-lasting style.

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Some women always smell so lovely while others can’t seem to get their fragrance to stick. Like lipstick, fragrance tends to last longer when applied in layers.

  • Shower with gel, shampoo and conditioner in complementary scents and follow with scented lotion (and scented talcum powder, if available).
  • Follow with perfume. Your pores are still open from the shower and will better receive the scent. Pulse points are ideal for fragrance: temples, throat, wrists, bend of the elbow and between the breasts. Make sure you’re applying the perfume to well-moisturized skin. Scents evaporate quickly from dry skin.
  • Spray your hairbrush and run it through your hair. Spritz a cotton ball and wear it in your bra or pants pocket!

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