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Do-it-yourself makeovers

So you want to snag a new, fresh look without the help and cost of a hairstylist, make-up artist and clothing consultant? A do-it-yourself makeover is easier than you’d think. With a little creative energy and a few drug store finds, a new you is just around the corner.


Perhaps your best natural accessory, taking on a new haircut or color is a great way to make your face “pop” and bring out your best features. But which style or color do you choose? That’s based on your skin tone or face shape. A great (if not nerdy) way to find out what look would be best on you is to run your photo through a “virtual makeover” online. Simply upload a simple, front-facing photo into a site like and explore your options. The site will allow you to play with colors and cuts, however you have to use your imagination a bit. The altered photo makeover won’t exactly look natural. Match the perfect virtual color to your favorite real-life box of hair color, dye and stun ’em.


A virtual makeover can be used to choose make-up, too. But unlike hair color, make-up is a temporary way to change your look, so go crazy! Head to your local department store to take advantage of their testers. Beauty associates can help you choose the proper colors and textures that are best for your skin tone. If you’re not willing to pay the hefty department store brand price tag, get a feel for what colors work best for you and take that information to the drug store. One splurge you might want to consider is foundation. A good foundation is crucial to an even make-up look, but you may be able to find a keeper in the grocery store aisles.


Yes, going to the gym might make you feel and look great, but if those clothes still aren’t fitting the way you want, speed up the process with shapewear. Uncomfortable grandma-style girdles are a thing of the past. Shapewear like Spanx revolutionized suck-in spandex. Today, you can hide problem areas with shapers and bodysuits under your form-fitting and special occasion clothes. There’s no shame in utilizing this trendy trick. Even celebrities like Emily Blunt and America Ferrera have testified to shapewear’s miracle-working abilities.

4Floral dressStyle

Once you have your shapewear intact, clothes will fit easier and appear more flattering. New hair and make-up open up a wide range of style possibilities, too. If you went with a bright red bob and matching brightening make-up, keep with the trend by adding a pretty floral dress, like this ruffled number for $60 at Kohl’s. A simple way to add flair to your look is with new shoes and accessories. If your wardrobe itself is looking rather bland, spice it up with bright pops of color, shine and texture from shoes, jewelry and handbags.

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