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Organize the way your family communicates

Whether you’re a family of six or are enjoying the time being just two, it seems that communication often falls to the wayside. From hectic family schedules to questions about what’s for dinner, changing the way your family exchanges information can save you time, energy and, let’s face it — your sanity. Looking for ways to use technology when communicating with your child or spouse? Find out how to organize the way your family communicates.

Mom setting up online calendar

Keep connected by phone


Gather your family’s phones and sync your Google calendar and Palm desktop calendar with their cell phone.

2Get on your youngster’s wavelength when communicating with your child and send out text reminders about practices and recitals.

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Publish an online calendar

3Use Microsoft Outlook‘s easy-to-share calendar, where you can publish your calendar online and control who can see and modify your schedule.

4Make use of a free online calendar such as, which also offers an address book and photo uploading option, unique to this online datebook. “An online calendar is an excellent resource for keeping busy families organized,” says Stephen Tong of Convenient Calendar. “With an online calendar, events are always up-to-date and easily viewed from virtually anywhere and at any time.”

Coordinate on your computer

5Share Facebook status messages set to view only by your family about household engagements such as family dinner night.

6Post digital notes to your family computer desktop by downloading free software and keeping everyone in the loop about the family schedule.

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Pocket a personal data assistant

7Hot-sync your family’s contacts, schedule and more with personal data assistant devices, also known as PDAs, to keep your family on the same page about family vacations and doctor’s appointments.

8Combine the power of your PDA with your cell phone by scoring dual-function smartphones so you can reach out and remind your kiddos when they’re running late.

Set up a communication center at home

9Update a family calendar in your abode daily for when batteries run out or for quick and easy reference about what’s for dinner.

10Keep messages from getting lost in the shuffle by using a label maker to create cubbies alongside your family calendar for each member of your household.

Regardless of how you use technology in organizing the way your family communicates, be sure to make your kids accountable for posting their own appointments and updating any changes in their schedule. It will not only take some of the pressure off of you when keeping the family clued in about the family schedule, but also helps them learn responsibility and time management — a win-win for the entire family!

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