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Denim dos and don’ts for 2011

Basic blue jeans have become anything but basic. Every year brings with it new trends, and the denim dos and don’ts for 2010 have fallen prey to the dos and don’ts for 2011. To keep yourself from looking passe, incorporate at least one or two of this year’s trends into your 2011 wardrobe.

1Do let your rise, riseDo let your rise, rise

Butt-crack baring jeans have (finally) given way to jeans with a higher rise. You may not have the guts to try a high-waisted pair of jeans, but you can at least choose a pair that hits an inch or two below your belly button. With any luck, it will also prevent you from falling prey to the number one side-effect of low-rise jeans: the muffin top.

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