How to garden on a budget

Freshen up your home for Spring
Spring has sprung, and gardening season is upon us. But even as you itch to dig deep into your garden, digging deep into your wallet may not be in the budget. Instead of looking longingly out your window at the garden that could be, discover how to garden on a budget, from purchasing self-seeding plants to growing plants from clippings.

How to garden on a budget

Spring-inspired candleholderPlant from seeds and seedlings

Although a pinch of extra patience is needed, planting a garden from seeds or seedlings gives you better-established plants with stronger root systems. Try zinnias or marigolds for easy-to-grow plants that sprout quickly.

Update your pillows for springPurchase self-seeding plants

Cut out the need to replant your garden every year by digging into self-seeding flora, like the herbaceous perennial tuber rose and the California poppy.

Spring-inspired vaseSpring for fruit plants

“Berry and small fruit plants and bushes offer a one-two punch for the budget-conscious,” says horticulturist and author Stella Otto. “They are easy to care for, and within a year or two, they’ll save you grocery expenses as they easily produce amounts of fruit far exceeding their initial purchase price.”

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Wall decor for springPick dividable plants

Despite your urge to splurge on your garden, expanding your gardening plans a little each year will save you money if you buy plants you can lift, divide and re-plant after a year, such as the iris and mondo grass.

Spring-inspired jewlery standChoose vegetation that needs less water

You’ll save big on your water bill when you plant greenage that needs less water, such as lavender.

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