Oprah hair secrets revealed

Little did stylist Andre Walker know way back in 1985 that one little note would pay off the way it has. Now, as Oprah Winfrey’s go-to hair stylist of 25 years, Andre dishes about the divas many hairstyles.

“I’m dying to get my hands on your hair.”

That’s all it took for Oprah to give a Chicago hair salon owner his shot at the big time. Oprah hired Andre Walker and he’s been working with her ever since.

Andre Walker reveals Oprah's hair secrets

Says the now very well known stylist about Oprah’s tresses:

“I’m happiest with the [looks] that she’s been happiest with.”

Obviously, sometimes Oprah’s hairstyles have end up on some of the top hair don’tsI lists. But hey — we all have our moments. Remember this Oprah moment?

Oprah's hairstyle in the '80s

And this Oprah hairstyle of the ages?

Oprah's '80s hairstyle

In this month’s issue of O, Andre looks back on past hairdos of the talk show queen, some more fondly than others. Said Andre:

“In my defense: It was the ’80s!”

Want to know the secret to Oprah’s billion dollar locks? Try to avoid blow dryer or irons more than three times per week. And the most important thing above all:

“Condition. Condition. Condition,” he says. “Whether you think you need it or not, use a conditioner every time you shampoo, and slather on a thick hair mask once a week. Restoring moisture to the hair is really important to help repair dry ends and add shine.”

Obviously Oprah’s hair has gotten a lot better over the years. With the continued eye on the future of follicle maintenence by Walker, I bet we can expect more good hair days than bad. Like this:

Oprah's gorgeous hairstyle

Very nice, Mrs. Winfrey!

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