Emily Maynard & Chantal O’Brien finale gowns

The world was watching Monday night as Brad Womack put a ring on Emily Maynard’s finger, devastating Chantal O’Brien. Through the tears, though, one thing was certain: Both ladies looked stunning in their designer gowns.

The Bachlor: Chantal Obrien, Brad Womack

Chantal’s stunning green gown

Anyone who watches The Bachelor knows that the first person to get out of the limo on that final rose ceremony night is about to get dumped, big time. So when buxom brunette Chantal O’Brien stepped out in a stunning one-shoulder emerald green gown, I had to divert my eyes — not because she didn’t look totally gorgeous, but because I knew her fate was sealed.

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Ring or no ring, Chantal looked so pretty. Word is, she got to choose from more than 15 dresses hand-picked by the show’s stylist, Cary Fetman.

In her final choice by designer David Meister, the Seattle native looked classy and elegant, if not a tad overdressed for the relaxed and earthy environment. But hey, Brad Womack was rockin’ a tux.

Greek Goddess Emily reigns supreme

In the end, though, Brad could have only one true love, and Emily Maynard fit the bill.

The Bachlor: Emily Maynard's dress

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To be honest, I felt bad for Chantal only until the next commercial break when Emily — quite possibly the most gorgeous bachelorette ever — appeared in a golden Tadashi Shoji gown. The flowy, Grecian-inspired gown fit in flawlessly with the natural landscape of South Africa.

Fear not, Chantal fans. There’s a silver lining for the runner-up: She got to keep the dress!

Said Fetman, “There is nothing worse — especially for the girl who lost — to be asked for it back.”

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