Best brights: Colorful accessories for spring

We shopped ’till we dropped in effort to find the best bright accessories for the spring season. Hey, it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it! Find out our favorite accessory picks and learn some valuable pairing tips and color trends from our beauty and style experts.

pairing bright accessories

3 Tips on pairing accessories

SheKnows Beauty Expert Nina Sutton shares her tips on pairing the bright, colorful accessories of the spring season.

“Accessories are a great way to wear the bright color trend — especially for everyday or for work,” she says.

Pairing colorful accessories tip 1

Jazz up any neutral outfit (white or beige) with a bright pair of pumps, sandals or handbag.

Pairing colorful accessories tip 2

If you are color blocking your entire outfit (and your outfit is bright orange, pink, cobalt blue, etc), try nude heels or wedges.

colorful accessories

Pairing colorful accessories tip 3

Try pairing colors that compliment eachother: 1) PURLPLE + PINK, 2) ORANGE + BLUE, 3) BLUE + GREEN, 4) YELLOW + BLUE. For example, you might try 1) a bright pink handbag + purple shoes, or 2) green clutch + blue wedges, 3) yellow bangle + purple necklace 4) orange headband + blue sandals.

The key to pairing bright accessories, Nina advises, is to add them in subtly, or you will end looking too matchy-matchy. Another tip is to experiment with various shades of the bright colors (clothes or accessories) to find the best hue for your complexion and hair color.

Yellow accessories

Bright, cheerful yellows

Check out some of our favorite finds in yellow accessories. Even the different names of yellow hues are cheery: from sunshine, sunflower and lemon to buttercup, canary and amber!Top yellow accessories

Orange accessories

Zesty, outrageous oranges

From soft marigold and coral, which is wildly popular right now, to tangerine and amber, orange is a versatile color that can work well with any skin tone. Check out some of our favorite orange accessories of the season.

Best bright orange accessories

Green accessories

Vibrant, energetic greens

From soft mint greens and avocados to bright Kelly greens and bold lime, it’s the perfect color to liven up your wardrobe. Check out some of the cutest green goodies we found for the season.

Best bright green accessories

Blue accessories

Bold, beautiful blues

Check out some of the bright blue pieces we found that are perfect for the season. From teals, Caribbean blue and rich cobalt to the softer tones found in cornflower and turquoise and navy, blue is wearable year-round but can be most fun to experiment with in the spring.

Best bright blue accessories

Purple accessories

Pretty passionate purples

Check out some of these sophisticated purple accessories, from lilacs, periwinkle, pale lavendar and orchid shades to the deeper, more mystical hues found in violet, grapes, raisins and royal purples.

Top bright purple accessories

A fruit cocktail of color

Celebrity stylist and host of the Style Network’s How Do I Look, Jeannie Mai, encourages us to think of the bold colors in fruit when looking for style inspiration this season. “I love food, and love when food can influence fashion,” she says.

Stylist Jeannie Mai shares her tips for wearing colorful accessories

“Miuccia Prada and Stella McCartney were both inspired by the produce department for spring, but they stand on opposite sides of the shopping aisle. Prada showed bold banana prints, while McCartney opted for a citrus mix: yummy lemons, oranges, limes and grapefruit.”

You, too, can add bold splashes of color like this through colorful accessories such as the woven blue Pierre Dumas sandals and Green Rose cuff. But be careful to not over indulge in color, Jeannie warns: “Pair NEUTRALS with your chosen splash. Think beige, heather grays, or even a tan or brown to bring out your cherry on top of choices.”

“Look for a beige button up in jeans to go with that bright yellow JK Studded belt, or throw nod to these purple Blossom strappy platforms with a glitsy purple liner rimmed around your eyes,” she recommends.

“Have fun with mixing your cocktail, if it looks good in a glass, it’ll look good on you.”

The new season of How Do I Look airs April 2!


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