Chef Fabio Viviani: Eco-friendly cookware and recipes

Looking for a tasty way to go green in the kitchen? Try swapping your conventional non-stick cookware for an eco-friendly brand of cookware that is passionately recommended by a celebrity chef! Leading Italian cookware maker Bialetti recently partnered with the fan favorite Top Chef star chef Fabio Viviani to promote their new Aeternum eco-friendly pans. Here’s what chef Viviani has to say about the green cookware and a few of his favorite Italian recipes that you, too, can cook to delicious perfection.

Chef Fabio Viviani with Bialetti pans

Best known as the Bravo’s reality series’ Top Chef Fan Favorite and Season 8 all-star contestant, Chef Fabio Viviani isn’t just a celebrity chef, he’s a celeb chef who wants to teach Americans how to cook. His partnership with Bertolli (olive oil and other Italian food products) and his recent partnership with Bialetti give him the ability to bring to America a simple, modern and fresh look at the Italian lifestyle.

Chef Fabio Viviani: Green and functional

Bialetti’s Aeternum cookware is as green and functional as it is gorgeous. Because of its materials and design, it is also sturdy cookware you can expect to last in your kitchen. Chef Viviani explains, “Because [the cookware] is ceramic, a natural material, you won’t ever have to worry about it flaking or peeling. And the nano-technology that Bialetti used for the interior is amazing.”

Chef Viviani has used a wide variety of pans in his culinary career and he has a definite affinity for Bialetti. “I would pick Aeternum cookware over cast iron to sear anything any day of the week,” the Top Chef says. “I’m not kidding you, I’ve never seen a non-stick pan brown a fish or even a piece of steak with no butter or oil like the Aeternum.”

Eco-friendly cookware is a healthy green move for your family

Chef Fabio eco-friendly cookware

You want what’s best for your family, and cooking with eco-friendly cookware is a significant move to improve their health – after all, you cook for your family every day. Using conventional cookware can put them at risk for exposure to chemicals and toxins. Aeternum not only eliminates the exposure to cookware toxins, it can also improve your family’s diet. Chef Viviani explains, “The other thing that’s great about using an eco-friendly pan is it’s PFOA-free so there’s no worry about fumes being released into your food — and since you barely have to use butter or oil, it provides a healthier way of cooking.”

Cook eco-friendly foods

Besides going green by shopping for organic fruits and vegetables from your local farmers’ market — or even better, picking produce from your own garden — Chef Viviani promotes cooking with eco-friendly proteins, particularly fish, as featured in his sea bass recipe to follow.

“I recommend that cooking enthusiasts visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s ‘Best List’ before purchasing seafood,” the celebrity chef says. “It breaks down the most sustainable seafood by region and even by type – a great resource!”

You can download a pocket guide and even a mobile app here.

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