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How to apply false eyelashes

Whether you have great lashes but just feel like going glam for a night, or you need some extra oomph in the eyelash department, false eyelashes can be a beneficial beauty trick. But applying them can often feel like performing an intricate surgical procedure. To help ensure you apply false lashes with as little stress as possible, follow our guide.

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False eyelash Options

When it comes to false eyelashes you can either go with a full set or small clusters of individual lashes, depending on whether you want lush, thick lashes (which a full set will give you) or just need to fill out your own sparse ones. If you buy a full set you can cut them into individual lashes, and if the lashes are too long, trim them by cutting them at an angle (so they look more natural).

Remember: Cut each individual lash at a different length so they don’t look too artificial and have some movement like natural lashes would.

Eyelid Preparation

Before you apply your false lashes make sure your eyelids and lashes are clean of any makeup. Having even a small amount of excess product on your lids can hinder how well lashes adhere. It’s also important to use an oil-free makeup remover because the glue that comes with the lashes won’t stick to oil. If you’re planning to apply a full set of lashes, hold them up to your eyes before applying any glue. If they look too long, trim them again because once they’re on, you don’t want to have to take them off to trim them.

Eyelash Application

Applying individual lashes

Applying fake eyelashesIf you’re applying individual lashes, put a few drops of lash glue on a hard surface. Let it dry until it becomes slightly tacky (20-30 seconds) and use a set of tweezers to pick up eyelashes one by one and dip the root in the adhesive before applying.

Applying fake eyelashesStarting at the outer corner of one eye, use the tweezers to apply each glued lash among your lashes, staying as close to the root of your natural lashes as possible.

Applying fake eyelashesHold it in place for a few seconds to allow it to dry before adding another lash.

Applying fake eyelashesAim for clusters of four to six at the outer corner of the eye and a few lashes in the center of the eye or wherever your real lashes are sparse. Avoid adding lashes to the inner part of the eye, which can be difficult and isn’t necessary because lashes are naturally sparser and smaller there.

Applying a full set of eyelashes

applying false eyelashesIf you’re going all out with a full set, apply a thin strip of glue along the base of the lashes using a toothpick or a very fine makeup brush. Do not apply glue directly to your eyelids. The skin is delicate, easily irritated and you could damage your eye.

applying false eyelashesWait a few seconds for the glue to get tacky (as above). Now use your fingers to hold the lashes and apply on your lid as close to the roots as possible from the outer corner of the eye in.

applying false eyelashesUse a Q-tip to press lashes in place. Once the false eyelashes are applied, let them dry for a few minutes.


  • Use an eyelash curler to curl your real and false lashes together. This will help them look more uniform.
  • Apply a dark eye shadow along the upper lash line, which will help you camouflages the false lashes.
  • Apply mascara to lashes to blend them in with your real ones.

Removal of FaKe Eyelashes

  1. To remove false eyelashes, use an eye makeup remover.
  2. Apply it gently with your fingers, being sure to coat the entire lid area.
  3. Massage in the makeup remover and your false eyelashes should slide right off. You can also try plain old soap and water to loosen the adhesive before removing lashes.
  4. Be gentle as you slide the lashes off from your lid. Tugging can result in losing some of your natural lashes along with the false ones!

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